IWB Maths StarterAn interactive whiteboard starter to practise mental or written maths. Issue the class with mini whiteboards or paper and pens to do their working out on.

Click 30 or 60 to determine how long they have between new questions. The train will arrive. The timer will start. The students then need to take the starting number shown on the red flag and apply the calculations shown on the carriages. When the time reaches zero the train will leave and a new one will arrive. Four trains will arrive and leave before the end. At the end, click “check” to see the trains with their answers. The resource is fully automated so is a useful activity to set while marking the register.

Also included is a worksheet with blank trains either for the students to use in their working out or for teacher created questions.

Remember to use F11 in Internet Explorer or Firefox to go to full screen as this resource is a little larger than usual.

Go to Train Maths Difficult.

Train Maths Easy.

Train Maths Medium.

Difficulties are relative to primary age children.

Get worksheet.

For a similar activity but for older/more able students try this interactive whiteboard resource.

An alternative interactive whiteboard game.

12 thoughts on “Flash Train Maths

  1. A great resource but is it possible to change the colour of the flag as some pupils are having trouble seeing the starting number against the red flag.

  2. Thank you all for the comments. The flag is now coloured yellow – hopefully that will provide better contrast. I should have thought of that as contrasts on interactive whiteboards aren’t as good as on a monitor.

    Any other suggestions on any of the resources please do mention them.

  3. I love this, any chance of even more time options?….45secs and 1 min + etc…

  4. Thanks for your suggestion. Its always a bit of a balancing act between keeping it simple and offering choices. I tend towards the simple! I’ve found that most options on resources aren’t used and so they just clutter it up. Its a question of finding what the desired options are.

    As others have asked for more time options on this as well it looks like more options are needed, so I will try to add another time option. Probably a 90 second or 2 minute one and see how that goes.

  5. Is it only me, but is the medium level train set missing the mathematical signs from many of the carriages, making it necessary to guess as to the process needed?

  6. Thanks for taking the time to tell me of this. I’ve fixed it now. I really appreciate people telling me of problems as they are easy to miss when working with the site as a whole


  7. I’ll look if it is possible to do this and still fit all possible questions on screen. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. hi. this is great! I have a SEN class, is there anyway of making the numbers even more simple? So when asking to double it is only with one digit numbers? This is a great resource though, I will be using the worksheets so that I can put very basic numbers in. Alice

  9. I’ll see what I can do, although from memory it was tricky to keep the results constrained and for them to still be random enough. Glad to hear the paper resource is useful.

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