screenshotA game designed to be played on the interactive whiteboard, probably with a small group with the intentions of encouraging development of mental maths skills.  It is best used for a maths competition at the end of the lesson.  Entering the answer with an interactive whiteboard is easier within the given time as there is no need for the mouse to travel. There are two versions; one which gives multiplication questions and one with addition questions. The difference between the given answer and the correct answer is how many ballons are burst.

Go to multiplication learning resource. (Easy)

Go to addition learning resource. (Hard)

Get instructions.

4 thoughts on “Flash Maths Stage Cross

  1. I plan to use this as a filler activity! However, it might be good to add a second or two to the timer for the addition! (For us old and slow teachers!)

  2. Thanks for feeding back. Following your suggestion I’ve increased the timer on the addition to 12 seconds. Try that.

    Ideally I’d allow the user to set the timer but this was the first resource I wrote in a new programming language for this site and it was a bit of a learning exercise. As such the programming is far from elegant! This makes it harder to add features than it is on my newer resources.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. A while since I programmed this so I can’t remember how easy that is to implement. Check back soon and I’ll let you know.


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