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The resources on this site are accessible only through this site. No resource may be downloaded or disassembled.  Users may not download this site and place it on an offline server.  The site may not be loaded into frames on your site.

Linking to this site is appreciated but all links are preferred to be to the main home page for general websites. If you wish to directly refer to a resource please link to the instruction page rather than the resource. This ensures that users see the notes to inform their use of the resource.  This is only for user convenience; not doing this is less useful to the user.

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Site Author

This site and all of the resources are owned and produced by Spencer Riley, a teacher since 2002 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


This site is designed to provide teachers with access to free high quality teaching resources for use on Interactive Whiteboards.

In line with the title of this site all of the manipulative-style resources on it are designed to help the teacher lead the lesson. They do not attempt to provide any instruction. Their purpose is to allow the teacher to explain, demonstrate and provide examples to further the students’ understanding of the lesson. By not circumventing the teacher’s role, as many resources do, they allow the teacher to provide as much instruction and examples as he/she deems necessary at an appropriate pace.

In addition to the teaching aids, there are challenge resources included on this site which teachers can direct students to use to practise and revise what they have learned.


It is hoped that this site can meet its costs for software and hosting  through advertising. There is a clear distinction between pages that are to be used by teachers and those that are to be used by students. No advertising will appear on a page specifically designed for use by students, i.e. the interactive learning resources.

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