Interactive Whiteboard GameDesigned for the interactive whiteboard. A game to allow students to demonstrate that they can distinguish number groups.  The resource presents ten bubbles bouncing around the screen.  The first version of this IWB resource has 5 prime number bubbles and 5 non prime.  The challenge is to burst all of the primes in as short a time as possible.

For younger students the second version has the same concept but presents odd and even numbers.  The student needs to burst all of the odd numbers.

The resource is primarily designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard and so may be a little trickier with a mouse.

 As a side note reference can also be made to science lessons ; the bubbles simulate the refraction of light.  This is an effect that may labour slower computers.

Go to prime number resource.

Go to odd and even number resource.

22 thoughts on “Flash Bubble Burst

  1. bubble burst is a fantastic resource.My kids and myself really loved it. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for for your comments, here and on the shape reveal resource. It is always appreciated to hear that people are using and enjoying the resources.

    I intend to add plenty more resources over the coming months. I hope you like those as well!

  3. A super little program great fun and highly usable is there any way of user inputting numbers / words so that it could be used for:-
    Square, Trianglar Numbers

    That would be so fantastic.

  4. Glad you like it. In regards to allowing user input. Flash (the technology that all these resources are written in) is not designed to allow easy saving of input. All of the methods that do allow this have their problems. The ray of light is that the next version of Flash Player is reputed to allow the user to save to their PC without any problems. Once this version is out I will go back to these resources and change them to allow this.

    In the meantime I’ll try to add differing versions to aid flexibility.


  5. We love this! The kids are so competitive on this it’s great to watch their enthusiasm when trying to beat each other/myself. Is there any way it can be extended to other types of number – multiplication tables, squares, triangular etc? Thank you!

  6. Yes I should be able to create different versions. There have been requests for alternate versions on a few resources and I will try to get some done as well as a few new resources. Unfortunately finding the time around the day job is a problem. Hopefully I’ll get some done over the holidays.

  7. Sorry the resources on this site are free to use but not downloadable. This is the only way the resources can be free in any way. Subscription sites don’t usually allow you to download either.

  8. During our interactive board training we played Bubble Burst with multiples of a chosen number…for example, burst all the bubbles divisible by nine…but now I can’t find it on this site. Any idea where I can find this version?

  9. Sorry I think you’ve imagined it! It is a good idea and I’d like to implement it but I haven’t so far…

  10. At the moment you can’t. As I only have a limited amount of time to work on the site I haven’t always been able to include adjustable parameters as this can double the length of time for development with the extra error checking it needs. Once a resource proves popular I can hopefully go back and add this to it.

    Thanks for commenting I hope I can add this feature soon.

  11. Why is there a grotesque crab on the background? My students hated that.

    Cute idea, though. I wonder if the background could be different?

    My parent helper had a tizzy fit over it. Maybe that’s what set the kids off. Anyway, now I hate it, too. (background, not game)

  12. Sorry about the image disturbing your class. Basically I needed an underwatery background without any copyright issues and as I took that one and its the only one I have it’s the background. I’ve usually found it a talking point with the class rather than disturbing.

  13. How did you learn to make these fantastic games? You’re a wonderful person to share them for free.

  14. I taught myself for personal interest. I’m glad to hear you like and appreciate them. Thank you.

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