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numeracy basics app

Numeracy Basics App

A selection of clear and easy to use classic teaching aids. Including 100 square, multiplication grid, digital and analogue clocks and magnetic numbers.

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Latest Resources.

These are the latest free to use resources available to use on all devices - tablet and desktop.

Carroll Diagram Teaching Resource

Carroll Diagram

This teaching resource is for both teaching how to use Carroll diagrams and for practising using them. There are two modes: Demonstration Mode:  This is untimed and unscored.  It gives immediate feedback and numbers can be moved repeatedly.  Teachers may like to use this on an IWB or tablet to demonstrate the concept. Challenge Mode: […]

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Venn Chart IWB Resource App

Venn Chart

This resource has two sections. One is for children to practise sorting multiple on a Venn diagram.  This is timed and gives a score along with the correct answers at the end. Scores are retained in the device’s memory over multiple sessions. The other is designed for teachers to talk through the process.  It is […]

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IWB iPad Decimals Teaching App Resource

Decimal Line

Decimals and reading scales come together in this app as the player needs to mark where the given number appears on the number line.  Twenty correct answers in a row are needed to complete the challenge. Go to Decimal Line teaching resource. Another resource dealing with decimals can be found here:Compare Decimals

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