Multiplication Grid

IWB iPad Multiplication grid teaching resource Teach and practise multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 on this teaching resource for IWB and mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets.

Selecting practise lets you use this resource to demonstrate or lead whole class exercises from the IWB.  Turning of practise gives a timed challenge to complete 5 grids and also records how many grids were completed with zero errors.  Grids cannot be advanced without getting them correct.

Drag the red tiles to their correct place on the grid as shown by the blue tiles.  Each place on the grid has its answer made up by the blue tiles as shown by this example:

Multiplication Teaching resource example

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Arithmagon iPad IWB teaching resource

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This teaching and learning resource, compatible with iPad, other tablets and PCs for the IWB uses the old favourite: Arithmagons.  The thought to produce an updated versions of this resource came from browsing the informative blog by Colleen Young.  There does not appear to be any Arithmagon resources compatible with tablets until this one. In these Arithmagons, the numbers in the squares are the result of the circles added together.  They are a good way of providing arithmetic practice in straightforward addition but also in inverse operations and mathematical reasoning if you choose to leave the circles blank rather than the squares. In practice mode there is no time limit and a new set of numbers can be generated at any time,  This is a good mode for teachers to use at the whiteboard.  In challenge mode 10 arithmagons are generated to solve, and time and error counts are tracked.  In both modes the resource can check the accuracy of the answers. It covers:

  • Addition of <10, <100, and less than <1000.
  • Multiplication of positive and negative numbers.
  • Addition of decimals to 1dp and 2dp.
  • A choice to find the circles, the squares or a mix.

Tap where you want to enter an answer then use the onscreen numbers to do so.  Enter them with the enter button (shown by a right arrow).  The pulsing green lines remind children which numbers go into making which numbers.  Help options are provided in the app for reminders.

This resource is available as an app for iPads and Windows.  By buying the app you gain the convenience of not having to rely on wifi and you support this site in continuing to provide free resources for all devices for teaching and learning.


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Crates Puzzle

iPad IWB tablet Android education teaching resourceAnother puzzle resource for encouraging persistence and problem solving skills in children.  Compatible with iPad and Android tablets as well as PCs this resource can be worked on as a class at an IWB or individually using tablets.  It is also simple enough that a physical version could be made with toy cars and a paper grid.

At the start of the puzzle the crates numbered 1 to 4 run across the top and the crate 5 to 8 run across the bottom. The challenge is to place the top crates at the bottom and vice versa.  They must still run in order though.  Only one crate can be in a square at a time and they may not move through each other.  It can be solved in a minimum of 41 moves but solving is challenge enough for most!  Tap a crate and then tap the square you would like it to move to.  This counts as a single move, regardless of the number of squares the crate passes through.

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Difference Triangle

IWB iPad Tablet teaching resource This puzzle resource is a very difficult challenge and brings up to date this earlier resource (not tablet compatible) so that the same challenge can be worked with on all devices.  It is simple enough to understand.  Swap tiles so that each number in the triangle is the absolute difference between the two numbers below.  The absolute difference is effectively the same as subtracting the smaller number from the larger number, whatever order they appear in.

The bottom numbers will always appear as correct as there are no numbers below to produce them.  Note that the resource tells you when the absolute difference is correct but NOT that the tile is in the correct place to solve the puzzle.

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iPad IWB Android math learning game This math practice game is for children to employ quick addition and subtraction skills.  It is compatible with all devices with a modern browser.

The player controls a craft using thrust to go up and left and right controls.  Going down is left to gravity.  The player is told to take the craft either higher or lower than their last platform by a certain number.  The player must then get their craft to the correct platform before the timer runs out and an astronaut teleports to their doom on that platform.  If the player gets to the platform with time to spare they can instruct the teleport to happen immediately by pressing space bar on computers or the big green onscreen button on tablet devices.

Power ups come in the form of speed ups and icons that tell you what the tens or units are of the correct platform.  Extra hazards come in the form of fireballs which will push your craft down.

On touch devices the game will attempt to detect this and will display an on screen set of controls.  On computers the cursor keys are used for direction and thrust. Space bar will teleport the space man in immediately.

Play math game on line with no advertisments.

You can also get this game as an advertisment supported app on the iPad.


Addition Arranger

Ipad Android Tablet IWB addition teaching resource Use this challenging iPad, Android or IWB resource to teach and practise mathematical reasoning based on column addition skills.

All of the numbers to make a complete addition are given by the resource.  The player needs to switch the tiles around to make it correct.  The tiles in the question and answer parts can, and will need to be, interchanged.  The numbers and positions are totally random meaning that sometimes the resource will offer a greater challenge than at other times.  While the answer is incorrect the cross will remain on screen, when it is correct a tick will replace it.  A score is given so that teachers can utilise the resource as a worksheet requiring to see, for example, a score of 5.

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For a similar (much harder) challenge but using multiplication see this teaching resource.

Addition Number Square Challenge

iPad Android Tablet IWB addition teaching resource After teaching children how to use a number square to develop basic addition skills using this number square resource, this resource is ideal for providing an opportunity to practise.  It has the same look and feel, but whereas the other resource is designed for demonstration this one sets questions.

After tapping Begin the 1 minute timer starts and an addition question appears at the right of the screen.  The first number is illuminated in the grid and children use their skills to tap the square that holds the answer.

The resource is compatible with all modern devices, both tablet and desktop, and so should be usable in most classroom situations as well as being recommended for children to continue using it at home to consolidate their skills.  Parents pointed to the previous resource can also help to teach the skill using a resource familiar to their child from school.

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