Symmetry Shapes

IWB iPad Symmetry teaching resourceA teaching resource for use on IWBs and iPads for demonstrating symmetry.  From left to right the buttons let you:

  • Have the existing shape move to a new position.
  • Check whether the drawn reflection is correct.
  • Clear the user’s drawing.
  • Move on to another shape.
  • Select from a vertical, horizontal or diagonal mirror line.

To draw the reflection just tap the grid square where you’d like the shape to be.  You can only add as many squares as are in the original shape.

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This Symmetry Invaders resource is a game that can be used to practise and test the knowledge taught in this resource.


Symmetry Counters

Symmetry IWB iPad Android AppAn update to an older resource. Use this IWB and tablet compatible teaching resource to demonstrate placing counters to show symmetry across a mirror line.  Click ‘New’ for a new arrangement.  Click ‘Check’ to find out how many are wrong.  Click ‘V/H/D Line’ to change between a horizontal,vertical and diagonal mirror line.

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A game based on this math skill is available here: Symmetry Invaders

Symmetry Invaders

Symmetry Teaching Resource Game for iPad IWB Android This is a game for practising symmetry and is compatible with IWB, iPad and other tablets. Defend yourself from the invaders by completing their symmetry to lock on and destroy them. Fail and they shoot back!

A practise mode is included for teaching about symmetry or for students to practise before engaging the enemy.  This mode works well on an IWB as a teaching resource.  There are 20 levels and the game records the number of errors clocked up in completing them.  It makes a useful alternative to completing worksheets on this subject.

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Advanced Hundred Square

iPad IWB Hundred Square teaching resource A hundred square is a useful way to teach a number of numeracy concepts but, as a recent email pointed out to me, they don’t help to move the concept on to higher numbers.  This hundred square is very similar in function to the standard Hundred Square previously published, and also to the one on my Numeracy Basics app, except with this one you can choose the start number for the hundred numbers show.  With this you can model how patterns continue as the cross into the hundreds and all of the way up to 1000.

You can still choose whether the grid flows from top to bottom in the more traditional way or whether the numbers go top to bottom (perhaps more logical as higher numbers are actually higher on the board).

Highlighted numbers will travel as you move through the numbers allowing you to start at a number that will finish off screen.  Three colours can be used to highlight the tiles, the fourth white colour hides the number as well.  Highlighted tiles are also visually different to un-highlighted to help those with limited colour vision.

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Hundred Square

IWB iPad Hundred Number Square A 100 Number square can come in useful for many math explanations so here’s a new one that will work on all devices including iPad, tablets and interactive whiteboards.

It lets you choose whether it runs from top to bottom or bottom to top.  You can also choose if the numbers run from 0 to 99 or 1 to 100.  Use the circular buttons to select the colour that touched tiles change to or change the whole lot using the coloured square  buttons.  White, in both cases, hides the numbers.

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Here is a different hundred square specifically designed to help with teaching addition.

Here is a hundred square with a timed activity for children to use to practise addition with.

Multiplication Grid

IWB iPad Multiplication grid teaching resource Teach and practise multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 on this teaching resource for IWB and mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets.

Selecting practise lets you use this resource to demonstrate or lead whole class exercises from the IWB.  Turning of practise gives a timed challenge to complete 5 grids and also records how many grids were completed with zero errors.  Grids cannot be advanced without getting them correct.

Drag the red tiles to their correct place on the grid as shown by the blue tiles.  Each place on the grid has its answer made up by the blue tiles as shown by this example:

Multiplication Teaching resource example

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Arithmagon iPad IWB teaching resource

Windows Store Link

This teaching and learning resource, compatible with iPad, other tablets and PCs for the IWB uses the old favourite: Arithmagons.  The thought to produce an updated versions of this resource came from browsing the informative blog by Colleen Young.  There does not appear to be any Arithmagon resources compatible with tablets until this one. In these Arithmagons, the numbers in the squares are the result of the circles added together.  They are a good way of providing arithmetic practice in straightforward addition but also in inverse operations and mathematical reasoning if you choose to leave the circles blank rather than the squares. In practice mode there is no time limit and a new set of numbers can be generated at any time,  This is a good mode for teachers to use at the whiteboard.  In challenge mode 10 arithmagons are generated to solve, and time and error counts are tracked.  In both modes the resource can check the accuracy of the answers. It covers:

  • Addition of <10, <100, and less than <1000.
  • Multiplication of positive and negative numbers.
  • Addition of decimals to 1dp and 2dp.
  • A choice to find the circles, the squares or a mix.

Tap where you want to enter an answer then use the onscreen numbers to do so.  Enter them with the enter button (shown by a right arrow).  The pulsing green lines remind children which numbers go into making which numbers.  Help options are provided in the app for reminders.

This resource is available as an app for iPads and Windows.  By buying the app you gain the convenience of not having to rely on wifi and you support this site in continuing to provide free resources for all devices for teaching and learning.


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