What is the remainder?

IWB iPad teaching resource division remainderA nice and simple game for working on division with remainders.  A simple division is shown alongside the answer, except for the remainder, which is the player’s job to find.  The remainder will always be 1,2,3,or 4.  Just tap the answer and move on.  The timer starts after the first question is answered as you progress the timer reduces for further question.  Get twenty correct to win.

Go to division remainders game.

Reading Scales: Temperature

IWB iPAd Teaching resource temperature reading scalesFor lessons on reading temperature from a scale.  This resource includes two thermometers to read.  One that covers only positive celsius numbers and one that dips into negatives.  Useful for group and class teaching when you need plenty of scale examples to read from.

Tap scale to change the temperature range.

Tap New for a new temperature to read.

Go to temperature scales teaching resource.

A resource for reading scales of mass can be found here.