Addition Visualise

iPad Android Tablet IWB addition teaching resourceThis teaching resource for iPad, Android, and IWB is for visualising addition for younger learners.  Generate a new addition (maximum sum of 20) cover one of the numbers and use the counters to represent the numbers being added. The counters can be picked up and placed in the containers to assist in this explanation.

In it self this resource will provide no tuition as it is designed to be a tool to assist a teacher or adult explain to children, either on an IWB for a whole class or on a tablet with a small group or an individual.

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Addition Complete

iPad Android IWB teaching resourceThis teaching resource, compatible with iPad and Android tablets, provides a chance to practise completing additions where one of the numbers to add is missing.  Drag the tiles on the right to fill in the blank space.  A correct answer results in the addition disappearing.  An incorrect answer leaves the addition there but also adds another to the top. Children can be challenged to get the best time.

The resources does not end the game when the lines reach the top and this is intentional allowing teachers and children to ignore the challenge element of they want to and just practise or demonstrate using the resource.

The timer starts the moment the first tile is released and can be reset using the reset button at anytime.

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Add Up

iPad Android IWB Teaching Resource Math Game This teaching and learning resource takes the form of a game compatible with iPad, Android and desktop computers.  It will also work on phones although small screens may not be suitable for the size of the tiles.

The game starts as soon as the player touches the tiles.  The challenge is to select a group of adjacent numbers that sum to the target number.  For example to reach 5 you might select 1,2,2.  Valid tiles are horizontally or vertically adjacent to the last selected tile.  The first tile for each selection can be chosen freely.  Once the player removes his or her finger, or releases the mouse, the selection will be cleared and, if correct, the target number will increase by one. There is no penalty for releasing a selection and starting a new one.  Reaching the target number by more complex combinations of numbers will result in a 5 second time bonus.  Players are challenged to get as high in target numbers as possible.

The resource is designed to provide practice for common, small value, additions. It could be usefully used for practice in class or, due to its wide compatibility, for homework.

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Column Addition 3 Digits

iPad Android IWB Column Addition Teaching ResourceThis interactive teaching resource is for demonstration purposes.  Using it teachers can show a vast number of examples easily and clearly.  Generate a new question and then tap the answer tiles to increase by one.  Below the main section is a smaller set of tiles that show exactly what is happening – whether you are adding units, tens or hundreds.  The resource insists on carrying numbers correctly so in the screen shot shown the resource will not accept 1 in the units answer unless you have tapped all the way through to 11 and shown the carry.

This teaching resource should be effective for whole class work on an interactive screen or in small group work using an iPad or Android tablet.

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Route Finder

IWB iPad Android Teaching Resource Another IWB, iPad or Android resource to challenge children’s (or anybody’s) thinking skills.  Choose your start point from any of the circular nodes on the grid.  You must then visit each straight section in only 19 moves.  They will fade out to show they have been visited.  As there are 17 straight pieces and the minimum you can complete this puzzle in is 19 you will obviously have to revisit a couple of straight sections.

You can only move along the grid lines one circle at a time and each of these counts as one move.

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Flip Over

iPad Android IWB teaching resource Another counter sorting puzzle for iPad, Android and IWB along the lines of the Two At a Time puzzle.  This is very similar as you must arrange the pattern of shapes so that there are 4 octagons followed by 4 stars with the 2 blanks on the far right.  The twist with this puzzle is that every time you move the two shapes they flip relative positions.  This makes it a bit harder to visualise your strategy and offers a simple to understand, but challenging to solve, puzzle.

The top blue bar lets you select which two shapes to move the lower blue bar will move the selected two shapes.  You must always move two shapes.

With a modern browser this resource will run on tablets, phones, and computers.

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Lock Down

 A magic square maths variation on the sliding puzzle used in the Letter Blocks resource.  Use this on an IWB, computer, iPad or Android device to take up the challenge of making each row, column and the two diagonal lines add up to 12.  The catch is that one of the numbers cannot move and must be locked before the tiles can start to be moved.  After this the puzzle works like any other slide puzzle where you must try to meet the finishing condition by sliding the tiles into position.  The blank counts as zero for working out the sums.  The puzzle can be solved in just 19 moves but a good way to solve it is to try to work out the correct finish position first and, from that, which tile never moves.

Tapping a tile will cause it to move into the blank if its a valid horizontal or vertical move.

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A modern browser is needed on PCs. IE10 or higher.