Magic Circles

iPad Android IWB teaching resourceThis iPad, Android, IWB compatible teaching resource is a variation on this one except it is much easier, perhaps too easy.  This one is from this book, the follow up to the book that the previous resource was in and can be found here.

Simply swap the numbers around until they add up to 14 on each of the big circles.  The problem with this as a problem is that with so few numbers and combinations it is quite solvable by trial and error rather than maths but it may be of use for younger children.  Either way expect a fairly quick solution.

This resource should work on all modern browsers on computer, tablet and phone.

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Magic Star

Magic Star teaching resource iPad Android This teaching resource is compatible with PCs and tablets both Android and iPad and phones too.  It is a math/logic puzzle taken from this book.  It is easy to understand, uses only simple addition, but is challenging to solve.  It is useful for mixed ability groups as the whole class will be able to grasp it.  Each line of the star and the enclosing circle need to have the numbers rearranged on them until they add up to 26.  The resource will keep track of the addition and show when lines totaling 26 have been created.  Note that when these lines illuminate it only shows that they add up to 26 – not that they are in the correct place for the whole of the puzzle.

This is a simple resource to make on paper and as it works on so many devices you can offer the URL for the resource to children to work on it for homework on their own devices.  As such it is well suited to a homework challenge.

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On Android devices the Chrome Browser is recommended.  On all devices the most up to date browser available will work best.

Sum Squares

IWB iPad Puzzle Resource This resource was inspired by the Puzzle of the Month in the always informative newsletter by Andrew Jeffrey, also on twitter as @AJMagicMessage.  The challenge is to arrange the numbers 1 to 15 so that each adjacent pair, when added together, result in a square number.  This puzzle is particularly nice in that it doesn’t need a high level of maths knowledge to engage with.  Simple adding and identifying square numbers is all that is needed.  Even this latter requirement is quite easy as there are very few square numbers that these numbers can result in.  Despite this ease of engagement it will still provoke in depth thinking.

The puzzle is easily played using counters or sticky notes but to alleviate the danger of rogue gust of wind or sneezes this resource lets it be played or demonstrated on computer or tablet, either iPad or Android.  This also makes it a nice homework puzzle to set.

Tapping the circles lets them switch places and their sums are automatically calculated in the squares above them.  When a new square number is made a little burst of ticker tape confirms it.  When all 14 are correct you’ll know!

For the solution you’ll need to see Andrew Jeffrey’s newsletter next month.  If you miss that you’ll need to solve it yourself!

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Note that you will need a modern browser to run this resource on your PC.  IE10 or the latest version of Chrome or FireFox are recommended.  On Android you should use Chrome not the basic Android Browser.


Multiplication Sprint

iPad IWB Tablet education resource Multiplication Tables This education game is for practising multiplication tables.  Compatible with PCs, iPads, and Android Tablets you are able to use it in whatever way best suits your teaching.  In particular the presentation of this games has been kept age neutral to provide an opportunity for older children to practise their multiplication tables away from the more usual younger styling of games on this subject.  As it is free to use and compatible with a wide variety of devices children also have a good opportunity to use it at home.

The purpose of the game is to last as long as possible, recorded by the ever increasing score.  The car’s fuel is constantly ticking down.  The fuel can be topped up by collecting the correct fuel barrels to answer the question at the top of the screen.  Beware though, wrong barrels take fuel away.  A couple of other hazards are thrown in to keep it interesting.

On a computer the arrow keys control LEFT and RIGHT.  On touch devices just touch the appropriate side of the lower part of the game.

This resource has been tested on iPad 2 and above, Nexus 7 2013.  On a computer it will require a modern browser. On the PC best performance is on latest Chrome browser.

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Geoboard IWB iPad

Available on app store

This Geoboard style interactive whiteboard resource is identical to the one found on the Numeracy Basics app for iPad.  You can use this one for free while teaching to the whole class while using the iPad version for one to one assistance during the lesson.

Drag the existing triangle to the pegboard.  Add new corners by tapping on one of the existing sides.  Remove corners by double tapping them.  Remove the whole shape by dragging one of the corners of the right of the pegboard.  Choose the colour of the new shape using one of the 4 available colours.

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speedABD IWB ipad resourceThis IWB resource for was created to help some children I worked with to learn the alphabet.  As they were older than when they were expected to have learned the alphabet by, they found many of the available resources to be too young looking for them.

This was created to help them to practise using a resource that did not make them feel they were using a babyish learning resource.  I’ve finally got around to polishing it up for a public release.  So here it us for use on desktop computer and IWB where it is, and will remain. free to use.  An iPad version is also available.
Available on app store

It is a simple game that focuses on repetition.  On the random mode children are given a start letter and they most progress as far from this as they can in the time shown by the bar.  They have 2 minutes to do as many sequences as possible.  On difficult it is the same except there is less time and after one minute the children need to do the alphabet in reverse starting from the illuminated letter.

On A to Z the challenge is to complete the alphabet as fast as possible.  Incorrect answers carry a 5 second penalty.  On hard the alphabet needs to be completed in reverse.  A challenge for most people!  The scores are saved onto the user computer so class competitions could be utilised using this resource.

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Available on app store

Fractions App

Fraction App This post is to announce a collection of interactive whiteboard resources rather than just one.  These resources are written using the HTML5 standard to allow them to be compatible with iPads and other tablets  as well as desktop computers.  The performance of HTML5 is still not on a par with Flash but is now at a point where certain types of resources are feasible.  These resources work fine on a basic laptop running a modern browser and on 2nd generation iPads and above.  Depending on your hardware/browser you may notice the occasional delay in response, particularly when an action is performed for the first time but these are minimal.  The intention is to port these resources across to an app to address the off line requirements of some people which I often get contacted about.  These will, by necessity be paid for apps, the resources accessed on line will remain free to use in their full form.  Advertisements will appear on the menu page but never on a page intended to be used in teaching.

Note that these are teaching resources to aid in teaching.  They are not designed for self study, although they could be useful in refreshing a student’s knowledge by using the tools by which the teacher taught him or her.   To assist in this and also to refresh the memories of any parent who might want to help with their child’s learning using the same tools as their teacher, there is a brief teaching not built into each resource by clicking the “Learn” button.  For more detail on the use of the resources please see the panel at the bottom of the menu page.

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