The resources on this page contain some element of answer checking.  They each provide a challenge for children to practise new skills or revise old ones.  Most are timed in some way so that they can be slotted into lessons as well as played in short bursts for learning at home.

maths keyword jumble

Maths Keyword Jumble

Revise maths-based keywords using this interactive classroom and homeschooling app. Practice mode: No time limit just work out the maths ...
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Place Value Ordering Teaching Resource

Place Value Ordering

This interactive place value teaching resource is for teaching and learning about how to order 2, 3 or 4-digit numbers ...
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Timed Tables Educational Resource

Timed Tables

This educational resource is for children to develop and practise their skills with multiplication and help them to memorise the ...
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Place Value

Place Value Reels

This interactive place value teaching and learning resource is designed to encourage children to think about how place value relates ...
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Carroll Diagram Teaching Resource

Carroll Diagram

This interactive classroom resource is for teaching about Carroll diagrams and for practising using Carroll diagrams. It is built around ...
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Venn Chart IWB Resource App

Venn Chart

This interactive Venn diagram resource for the classroom or homeschooling is based around times tables and multiples. The challenge mode is ...
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IWB iPad Decimals Teaching App Resource

Decimal Line

Decimals and reading scales come together in this app as the player needs to mark where the given number appears ...
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IWB iPad Coordinate Teaching Resource app

Show The Coordinate

Practise marking coordinates on a 1, 2 and 4 quadrant grid in this learning resources. A coordinate appears at the ...
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IWB iPad Teaching resource roman numerals

Roman Numerals Complete

Develop fluency with Roman numerals using this resource.  A number appears as well as its Roman numeral equivalent, except there ...
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IWB iPAd Android decimals app teaching resource

Compare Decimals

Draw greater than and less than signs to compare decimals.  Draw the sign on the blue surface before the time ...
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IWB iPad Teaching app area

Show The Area

Develop multiplication skills in the context of area of rectangles using this resource.  One number is missing from the question ...
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IWB iPad ANdroid Teaching Resource app

Show The Angle

Set the angle to the given amount before the time runs out.  The first 10 questions have an error margin ...
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IWB iPad teaching resource division remainder

What is the remainder?

A simple maths practice game for working on division with remainders that is useful in the classroom or when homeschooling ...
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IWB iPad Android Symmetry Teaching Resource

Symmetry Invaders

This is a game for practising symmetry and is compatible with IWB, iPad and other tablets. Defend yourself from the ...
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Multiplication Grid

 Teach and practise multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 on this teaching resource for IWB and mobile devices such ...
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This teaching and learning resource uses the old favourite: Arithmagons.  The thought to produce an updated versions of this resource ...
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IWB iPad Teaching Resource Addition

Addition Arranger

Use this challenging resource to teach and practise mathematical reasoning based on column addition skills. All of the numbers to make ...
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IWB iPad Addition practice teaching resource

Addition Number Square Challenge

After teaching children how to use a number square to develop basic addition skills using this number square resource, this ...
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IWB Android iPad addition teaching resource

Addition Complete

This teaching resource, compatible with iPad and Android tablets, provides a chance to practise completing additions where one of the ...
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iPad IWB Android Addition game

Add Up

The game starts as soon as the player touches the tiles.  The challenge is to select a group of adjacent ...
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