The teaching resources here are ones commonly known as manipulatives.  They are designed to help teachers conduct lessons with children.  Each manipulative can generate many examples at the touch of a button and answers can be be explained and entered using intuitive interactions with the on-screen content.


maths keyword jumble

Maths Keyword Jumble

Revise maths-based keywords using this app. Practice mode: No time limit just work out the words.  The app will track ...
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Place Value Ordering Teaching Resource

Place Value Ordering

This teaching resource is for teaching and learning about how to order 2,3 or 4-digit numbers. This  resource has two ...
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Place Value

Place Value Reels

This teaching and learning resource is designed to encourage children to think about how place value relates to addition. This  resource ...
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Classroom Dice IWB App

Classroom Dice

Dice have many uses in the classroom but they tend to lead to chaos as they roll off tables or ...
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Fraction Board IWB web app


Fraction charts are useful to show fractions and their equivalents.  This resource does this using traditional horizontal fraction bars and ...
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Isometric Drawing IWB web-app

Isometric Drawing

Use this resource to model isometric drawing or let children practise with it on a computer or tablet.  Just drag ...
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Hundred Square IWB Web app

Hundred Square

A new refinement on a variety of number squares produced for this site.  This one has distilled its features down ...
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Teaching clock app iwb


A fully-featured clock for teaching time.  Toggle learning aids on or off.  Add a digital display.  Freely pick the time ...
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multiplication times grid app iwb

Multiplication Grid

A multiplication grid for teaching times tables and as a reference for children is a useful classroom tool.  Hide, colour ...
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geoboard teaching app iwb


A classroom staple, the Geoboard is good for teaching many things.  Shapes, symmetry, and coordinates.  Use this one for all ...
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Carroll Diagram Teaching Resource

Carroll Diagram

This teaching resource is for both teaching how to use Carroll diagrams and for practising using them. There are two ...
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Venn Chart IWB Resource App

Venn Chart

This resource has two sections. One is for children to practise sorting multiples on a Venn diagram.  This is timed ...
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IWB iPad Coordinate teaching resource app

Demonstrate Coordinates

Show how to use coordinates in one, two, or three quadrants using this resource.  Drag the markers around and their ...
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IWB iPad Roman Numerals app teaching resource

Roman Numerals Flashcards

Rather than write your own slides, use this resource to generate Roman numerals for class questioning.  Set the range bands ...
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IWB iPad Android teaching app angle measure protractor

Angle Measure

Show how to use an angle measurer on an IWB or tablet.  Generate new angles at the tap of a ...
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IWB iPAd Teaching resource temperature reading scales

Reading Scales: Temperature

For lessons on reading temperature from a scale.  This resource includes two thermometers to read.  One that covers only positive ...
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IWB iPad Reading Scales Teaching Resource

Reading Scales: Mass

For lessons where you need an unending amount of scales to read from.  This resource generates new measurements of mass ...
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Time IWB iPad Android Teaching Resource

Time Digital To Analogue

Teach and practise converting time between digital and analogue and vice-versa with this IWB/iPad/Android tablet teaching resource. Tap new to ...
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IWB iPad Android Time Teaching Resource

Time Change

Teach adding or subtracting time using this teaching resource for IWB, iPad and Android tablets. The left hand clock gives ...
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IWB iPad Android Clock Time teaching resource

Time Set

Set the clock according to the given time in this teaching resource.  Move the hands of the clock and then ...
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IWB iPad Time Teaching resource

Time Conversion

Use this teaching resource to show the different ways of describing the time.  You can show all or some of ...
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Symmetry Shapes

A teaching resource for use on IWBs and iPads for demonstrating symmetry.  From left to right, the buttons let you: ...
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IWB iPad Android Symmetry Teaching Resource

Symmetry Counters

Use this IWB and tablet compatible teaching resource to demonstrate placing counters to show symmetry across a mirror line.  Click 'New' for ...
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IWB iPad Teaching resource 100 number square

Advanced Hundred Square

A hundred square is a useful way to teach a number of numeracy concepts but they don't help to move ...
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