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See a review of the Numeracy Basics app and lots of educational technical advice at Colour My Learning.

The resource and IWB resources are identical although screen resolutions may create some superficial differences.  Older computers may also impact on the performance.  The IWB resources may need you to use full screen on your browser.

Numeracy basics is an app for the iPad all of the following resources are included in the single app.  It has been designed to make it easy for teachers, teaching assistants and parents to use traditional teaching methods using an iPad.  It has also been designed so that each resource in the app has a freely available identical version available online for use with an IWB.  This can allow teachers to demonstrate concepts to the whole class using the IWB and then assist individuals using the app on an iPad without distracting the whole class.  This also allows you to test whether it suits your purpose before you buy the app.

The reason Numeracy Basics has been produced is that schools often use things like movable clocks, 100 squares,number tracks, magnetic numbers and multiplication tables with children.  This is particularly the case in small group and one to one activities.

The Numeracy Basics app provides these in an interactive and conveniently packaged format.  Whereas paper and card resources get marked and look tatty these should always look clear and clean.  The usual methods of using the paper resources by marking numbers, or moving clock hands are easy to replicate in this app.

An important point to realise with this app is that it is designed to support teaching in the way that physical clock faces and number squares etc are used.  It is not designed for children to go off and learn with it independently.  Neither does the app include any rigid direction of activities.  Teachers can use it to work through numeracy questions and model methods of answering the questions.  Children can then use it to work out answers using the app and the guidance of their  teacher.  This makes the app more flexible to each teacher’s needs as the app can be used to work with whatever work they find it suitable for.

The 6 resources included in this pack are described here:

100 Square

100 Square

The grid of 100 numbers can be set to run from 1 to 100 or from 0 to 99.  Each number can be highlighted in one of 3 colours or totally obscured from view.  Each number can also be set to ‘jiggle’ for when you really want to make a number stand out.  All buttons can easily be changed to a different colour or made to stop jiggling.

The new version of this app allows you to light up multiple squares easily by swiping over them rather than tapping each individually.

Use this to support teaching adding and subtraction.
Free downloadable guide and worksheets for use with this resource available here on the blog.

Try this resource on your computer. 


Multiplication Grid

Multiplication Square

Similar in use to the 10 square this 12 X 12  multiplication grid allows its numbers to marked out.  In addition this  resource allows rows and columns to be marked in one click to show highlight an entire times table.

The new version of this app allows you to light up multiple sqaures easily by swiping over them rather than tapping each individually.

Try this resource on your computer.


Magnet Numbers

Multiplication Square

Simulates a set of magnetic numbers and maths signs for clearly laying out and demonstrating mathematical problems. With this resource you’ll never be a number short again!

Try this resource on your computer.

Number Beads

Number Track

This resource displays two 1 to 100 number tracks.  The top one can be blanked out if needed either in its entirety or just certain numbers.  The bottom track allows you to set numbers bouncing to mark their position. Either track an be hidden.

The tracks can be scrolled to the left or right using the bar at the bottomn.

Both tracks can be set to show groups of 5 and also distinguish between odd and even numbers.

A guide to adding and subtracting in 10s can be toggled on or off.

Try this resource on your computer.

Times Tables

Times Tables iPad

This resource displays each times table in turn with the answers obscured.  The answers are revealed by tapping the cover.

Up to 12 x 12 can be shown.

In the new version each times table can be shown in order or jumbled up.  Also all of the covers can be removed or applied in one go.

Useful for practising multiplication facts.

Try this resource on your computer.

Interactive Clock


interactive iPad Clock

Rotate the outer red bevel to change the time or give it a spin to select a random time.  Using the button marked 5 the clock can be toggled between self correcting to the nearest 5 minutes or not.  The face can also be set to be divided into “to” and “past’.  The 5 minute intervals can also be toggled on or off.

Try this resource on your computer..

Numeracy Basics – Geoboard

This Geoboard style interactive whiteboard resource is identical to the one found on the Numeracy Basics app for iPad.  You can use this one for free while teaching to the whole class while using the iPad version for one to one assistance during the lesson.

Drag the existing triangle to the pegboard.  Add new corners by tapping on one of the existing sides.  Remove corners by double tapping them.  Remove the whole shape by dragging one of the corners of the right of the pegboard.  Choose the colour of the new shape using one of the 4 available colours.

Try the resource on our computer.

View the resource on the app store.
Available on app store

The resource is priced at the lowest possible point (except for free) on the app store.  Placing advertisements on a resource aimed at children is not something I am happy to do and on an app advertisements aren’t so easily separated from child targeted content as it is on this site.  For more details on the technical and practical reasons for why I have chosen this release method for these resources please see this article on the support site for this one here.

4 comments on “Numeracy Basics

  1. Gwyneth Pocock

    I do appreciate these resources, they do not spoon-feed and allow the teacher to make decisions regarding their use and pace. Thank you for these, this site is always my first port of call.

  2. Wellsway SchOOL

    Would it be possible to update your app to make it device assignable?? This would allow us deploying to iPads to use a managed solution to push the app to the iPads wirelessly.

    Mant Thanks

  3. Spencer Post author

    Thank you for your message, I hadn’t realised that this was not active. It turns out that whether this is not active or not depends upon a setting that, to me, seems unrelated. Anyway, I have now activated it and the app shows up in the AppStore as device assignable now. I believe that is all it requires but I don’t have the facilities to actually check this functionality, so if there is a problem, let me know and I’ll do what I can.

    There is an update to this app in progress that will smarten it up a little and add a few more resources. I hope it satisfies your needs. I tried to let you know by email but it was an incorrect address ;-)

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