Arithmagon iPad IWB teaching resource

This teaching and learning resource uses the old favourite: Arithmagons.  The thought to produce an updated versions of this resource came from browsing the informative blog by Colleen Young.

There does not appear to be any Arithmagon resources compatible with tablets until this one. In these Arithmagons, the numbers in the squares are the result of the circles added together.  They are a good way of providing arithmetic practice in straightforward addition but also in inverse operations and mathematical reasoning if you choose to leave the circles blank rather than the squares.


In practice mode there is no time limit and a new set of numbers can be generated at any time,  This is a good mode for teachers to use at the whiteboard.  In challenge mode, 10 arithmagons are generated to solve, and time and error counts are tracked.  In both modes the resource can check the accuracy of the answers. It covers:

  • Addition of <10, <100, and less than <1000.
  • Multiplication of positive and negative numbers.
  • Addition of decimals to 1dp and 2dp.
  • A choice to find the circles, the squares or a mix.

Tap where you want to enter an answer then use the onscreen numbers to do so.  Enter them with the enter button (shown by a right arrow).  The pulsing green lines remind children which numbers go into making which numbers.  Help options are provided in the app for reminders.

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