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Numeracy Basics App

A selection of clear and easy to use classic teaching aids. Including 100 square, multiplication grid, digital and analogue clocks and magnetic numbers.

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Latest Resources.

These are the latest free to use resources available to use on all devices - tablet and desktop.

IWB iPad Decimals Teaching App Resource

Decimal Line

Decimals and reading scales come together in this app as the player needs to mark where the given number appears on the number line.  Twenty correct answers in a row are needed to complete the challenge. Go to Decimal Line teaching resource. Another resource dealing with decimals can be found here:Compare Decimals

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IWB iPad Coordinate teaching resource app

Demonstrate Coordinates

Show how to use coordinates in one, two, or three quadrants using this resource.  Drag the markers around and their respective coordinates will be updates.  These can be covered or uncovered to enable the resource to be used for either demonstration purposes or to facilitate class questioning. Go to demonstrating coordinates teaching resource.

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IWB iPad Coordinate Teaching Resource app

Show The Coordinate

Practise coordinates on a 1, 2 and 4 quadrant grid in this learning resources. A coordinate appears at the top.  Tap its location on the grid within the time and move on to the next until you get one wrong or 20 in a row correct. Go to coordinates teaching resource.

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