IWB iPad Android Addition Teaching Resources

Resources for teaching and practising addition

Place Value

Place Value Reels

This interactive place value teaching and learning resource is designed to encourage children to think about how place value relates ...
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Hundred Square IWB Web app

Hundred Square

Interactive number square for the classroom and homeschooling.  Each number tile on the interactive hundred square can be lit up ...
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IWB iPad Teaching resource 100 number square

Advanced Hundred Square

A hundred square is a useful way to teach a number of numeracy concepts but they don't help to move ...
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IWB iPad 100 Number Square

Hundred Square

A 100 Number square can come in useful for many math explanations so here's a new one that will work ...
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This teaching and learning resource uses the old favourite: Arithmagons.  The thought to produce an updated versions of this resource ...
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iPad Android maths game


This math practice game is for children to employ quick addition and subtraction skills.  It is compatible with all devices with a ...
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IWB iPad Teaching Resource Addition

Addition Arranger

Use this challenging resource to teach and practise mathematical reasoning based on column addition skills. All of the numbers to make ...
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IWB iPad Addition practice teaching resource

Addition Number Square Challenge

After teaching children how to use a number square to develop basic addition skills using this number square resource, this ...
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IWB iPad Android teaching resource addition

Addition Number Square

Many hundred squares (my own included) offer lots of options for using them for different things.  Most of the time ...
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IWB iPad Android addition teaching resource

Addition Visualise

This teaching resource for iPad, Android, and IWB is for visualising addition for younger learners.  Generate a new addition (maximum ...
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IWB Android iPad addition teaching resource

Addition Complete

This teaching resource, compatible with iPad and Android tablets, provides a chance to practise completing additions where one of the ...
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iPad IWB Android Addition game

Add Up

The game starts as soon as the player touches the tiles.  The challenge is to select a group of adjacent ...
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IWB iPAd Android teaching resource for column addition

Column Addition 3 Digits

This interactive teaching resource is for demonstration purposes.  Using it teachers can show a vast number of examples easily and ...
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IWB iPad Android addition puzzle

Magic Star

 This teaching resource is compatible with PCs and tablets both Android and iPad and phones too.  It is a math/logic ...
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Maths arithmetic game

Multiplication Sprint

This maths-practice game was originally for practising multiplication but now includes other arithmetic too The purpose of the game is ...
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