iPad IWB Hundred Square teaching resource

A hundred square is a useful way to teach a number of numeracy concepts but they don’t help to move the concept on to higher numbers.  This hundred square is very similar in function to a standard Hundred Square except with this one you can choose the start number for the hundred numbers shown  With this you can model how patterns continue as the cross into the hundreds and all of the way up to 1000.

You can still choose whether the grid flows from top to bottom in the more traditional way or whether the numbers go top to bottom (perhaps more logical as higher numbers are actually higher on the board).

Highlighted numbers will travel as you move through the numbers allowing you to start at a number that will finish off screen.  Three colours can be used to highlight the tiles, the fourth white colour hides the number as well.  Highlighted tiles are also visually different to non-highlighted ones to help those with limited colour vision.

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