Magic Star teaching resource iPad Android This teaching resource is compatible with PCs and tablets both Android and iPad and phones too.  It is a math/logic puzzle taken from this book.  It is easy to understand, uses only simple addition, but is challenging to solve.  It is useful for mixed ability groups as the whole class will be able to grasp it.  Each line of the star and the enclosing circle need to have the numbers rearranged on them until they add up to 26.  The resource will keep track of the addition and show when lines totaling 26 have been created.  Note that when these lines illuminate it only shows that they add up to 26 – not that they are in the correct place for the whole of the puzzle.

This is a simple resource to make on paper and as it works on so many devices you can offer the URL for the resource to children to work on it for homework on their own devices.  As such it is well suited to a homework challenge.

Go to learning resource.

On Android devices the Chrome Browser is recommended.  On all devices the most up to date browser available will work best.