iPad IWB Android math learning game

This math practice game is for children to employ quick addition and subtraction skills.  It is compatible with all devices with a modern browser.

The player controls a craft using thrust to go up and left and right controls.  Going down is left to gravity.  The player is told to take the craft either higher or lower than their last platform by a certain number.  The player must then get their craft to the correct platform before the timer runs out and an astronaut teleports to their doom on that platform.  If the player gets to the platform with time to spare they can instruct the teleport to happen immediately by pressing space bar on computers or the big green onscreen button on tablet devices.

Power ups come in the form of speed ups and icons that tell you what the tens or units are of the correct platform.  Extra hazards come in the form of fireballs which will push your craft down.

On touch devices the game will attempt to detect this and will display an on screen set of controls.  On computers the cursor keys are used for direction and thrust. Space bar will teleport the space man in immediately.

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