An interactive whiteboard game to practise number properties. Thirty particles fall from above. Use the repelling particle to nudge them into the correct box depending on whether they contain a square number or a prime number. No points are scored if they miss both boxes. A point is deducted for the wrong box and a point is added for the correct box. Once all thirty particles have fallen the game is over. See who can get the highest score. Class involvement can be increased by allowing the audience to call out numbers and their property.

Quick thinking and a careful hand are required for this one!

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Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

3 thoughts on “Flash Particle Maths

  1. Awesome website!! I just can’t figure out where all the resources are. I read under the listing that there was a game called “bubble burst” with prime numbers. I can’t find it anywhere. Can you help?

  2. Thanks. As the site has grown the navigation has become more difficult, I’m working on a solution to that. You can find the resources from the downloadable index by seeing what heading they come under and then clicking that category on the left hand bar of the website. The one you are looking for is:

    Hope you like it.

  3. You are awesome!!! Your site is the best! I have a Promethean board in my classroom and your site will be such a great addition to my classroom!

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