An interactive whiteboard resource to facilitate lessons involving the investigation of pentominoes. One of each of the 12 different types of pentomino appear on the grid. Each pentomino can be rotated and flipped. A guide grid for each of the rectangles that can be filled with pentominoes can also be toggled.

Go to Pentomino Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

For use in conjunction with this resource are a number of PDF resources.

A set of pentominoes that can be cut out.

A sheet of guide grids for use with the pentominoes.

A sheet showing possible pentomino solutions.

An instruction sheet for the resource.

7 thoughts on “Flash Pentomino

  1. Hi, just wanted to say how great and useful these resources are…. i intend to use many of them in the coming weeks – thanks!

  2. This is a wonderful resource – thank you.
    I will ask the class to find the area and perimeter of each pentomino, will ask them about the symmetries of each, will link it to all the transformations that they have been doing, will ask them if the shapes could be arranged into a rectangle or a square and if so how big the shapes would be… then they get to play with your resource on their computer.

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