Symmetry Shapes

A teaching resource for use on IWBs and iPads for demonstrating symmetry.  From left to right, the buttons let you: Have the existing shape move to a new position. Check whether the drawn reflection is correct. Clear the user’s drawing. Move on to another shape. Select from a vertical, horizontal or diagonal mirror line. To […]

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IWB iPad Android Symmetry Teaching Resource

Symmetry Counters

Use this IWB and tablet compatible teaching resource to demonstrate placing counters to show symmetry across a mirror line.  Click ‘New’ for a new arrangement.  Click ‘Check’ to find out how many are wrong.  Click ‘V/H/D Line’ to change between a horizontal,vertical and diagonal mirror line. Go to symmetry teaching resource. A game for students to practise […]

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IWB iPad Teaching resource 100 number square

Advanced Hundred Square

A hundred square is a useful way to teach a number of numeracy concepts but they don’t help to move the concept on to higher numbers.  This hundred square is very similar in function to a standard Hundred Square except with this one you can choose the start number for the hundred numbers shown  With this […]

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