An interactive whiteboard resource to demonstrate sorting groups of factors  using a venn diagram.  This resource could be useful when teaching highest common factors.

Use the arrows to change the number to generate factors for.  Drag and drop the tiles to the correct position on the venn diagram.  They will illuminate green when correctly placed and red when incorrectly placed.

Go to interactive whiteboard resource.

A similar interactive whiteboard resource focussing on multiples rather than factors.

Another  factor based resource but one that demonstrates prime factor trees.

4 thoughts on “Flash Venn Factors

  1. Remind me to kill (thank) you! We just did GCF! 🙂 Will be great for those who still aren’t there and need tutoring. We are not worthy!

  2. i think vennfactors&vennmultiples is easy to use also very good to learn maths with

  3. I like the idea of using the Venn Diagram to show common factors. It will certainly help my students to locate the greatest common factor by isolating the common factors first. Because the factors are given to students, it will eliminate the error of missing a set of factors. Thanks.

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