An interactive whiteboard resource to show an easily manipulated map of the world.  Drag the map around the screen to show different parts of the world.  The map has physics implemented so it can quickly be scrolled from one part to another with a flick of the finger on the whiteboard – tap again to stop the scroll.  Mark points of interest using the 3 different coloured map pins.

The map can be dragged when the hand icon is selected.  Pins are inserted when one of the pin icons is selected.    Pins are removed by clicking on them.

The map includes more detailed sections of the world along the bottom.

Go to interactive whiteboard resource.

With gratitude to this website for providing the map image:

5 thoughts on “Flash World Map

  1. This is great, I really like how you can move the map around, but is it possible for the map parts that are showing to be a little smaller so that more of the world shows at a time?
    Also, why is Europe an insert under Africa?

  2. I’m you glad like the interface, I think it suits the IWB.

    I’ll look at changing the zoom level of the map or providing an alternative. Its a bit of a trade off between detail and quantity, sometimes people want one rather than the other.

    As for the Europe inset. It’s there because the only suitable free map I could find was this one and it has that feature. I must say I quite like it as it allows the detail of capital cities in the inset but keeps the main world map clear. I can understand, though, that it could confuse some children. I’d like to incude a detailed scrollable map for all the continents butI have yet to find any modern maps of a suitable resolution that are freely available.

  3. Fantastic resource, very easy to scroll around map. Could you have overlays of borders or rivers or state capitals then chidren could draw in the main features and then check with the overlay.

  4. That’s a good idea and I’d love to do it but creating the overlays for the whole world would probably prove too time consuming for me as I only have my spare time in which to work on this site and its resources.

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