screenshotThis learning resource helps compare which fractions are bigger, smaller or equivalent.  The fractions are shown on a pulley system.  The larger fraction will hang below the smaller one.  When they are equal they will be at the same level.  Below each fraction is shown its decimal value.

Note this resource requires Flash Player 9 or above.

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4 thoughts on “Flash Equivalent Fractions

  1. Thank you for this site. It is extremely valuable. Have you thought of offering the activities for download for areas that don’t have LAN ports in the classroom?

  2. Thank you for letting me know that you find it useful.

    I understand the problem but downloadable resources would result in much lower usage of the site as people would not need to visit it if they have the resources stored. The site has costs to meet which the limited advertising helps to offset. To be honest pay subscription sites often don’t allow download either. Hopefully schools are setting up broader networks now and in the future which should reduce the problem.

    Sorry this doesn’t help but hopefully it explains why.


  3. I love your resources – they are straightforward, not too cluttered and really effective. And that they are free is fantastic. Thank you.

  4. Thank you very much for this lesson. This was what I was looking for. Most of the other lessons/games available online simply encourage kids to cross multiply in order to determine equivalency or compare fractions. This lesson encourages the students to delve into the concept and understand the basics, not just work a ‘simple trick’ without understanding the real concept.

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