Times Tables

IWB times tables resource

This interactive whiteboard resource is a simple one for going over times tables.  You can select which times table to display and whether to display it in order.  Tapping the blue covers reveals or hides each answer.  All can be covered or uncovered using the buttons at the top.

This resource is identical to the one on the Numeracy Basics app for the iPad.  As such this IWB resource can be useful where whole class teaching takes place with the IWB and individual or group work with the iPad.  As this resource plus the 4 others on the app are also available to use for free on desktop computers it also provides a useful way to evaluate whether you want to purchase the app.

Go to Times Table IWB resource.

If you feel this resource plus an interactive clock, a multiplication grid, a number track and a times tables resource would be useful on an iPad please see it in the app store by clicking the icon below:
Available on app store

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