A number of resources designed to help teachers add variety to teaching the alphabet have been added to this site. They include games, demonstration resources and books. The books are early 20th Century picture books with superb illustrations of the time. They are included as a printable resource and as an IWB book where you can flip the pages. As well as teaching the alphabet they are useful as a historical object.

Please follow this link to see the resources. Alphabet Interactive Whiteboard Resources.

Please report any problems or ideas in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Flash Alphabet Resources

  1. Hi there – really like the alphabet speed test. Couldn’t get the book ones to do anything. Liked the ideas of the boxes and the cubes but couldn’t do these with my mouse. May be easier with a pen on my board at school.

  2. The box stacking ones may need some tweaking when I get to test them on an IWB. They will take some getting used to as they aren’t pure drag and drop but use physics. The idea was to make them a challenge so that older students who still need alphabet practice will like using it.

    The books work by clicking on the right of the page and then dragging across to the left to turn the page.

    Let me know how you get on with the resources on the IWB.

    Thanks, Spencer

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