Isometric Shape Exploder

Isometric Interactive Whiteboard Resource

An interactive whiteboard teaching resource for demonstrating isometric shapes. Designed to enable classroom discussion about the number of small cubes in each shape.

After discussing the shape it can be exploded to show its components. It can also be toggled to rotate. There are 7 isometric shapes to consider.

Go to isometric shape exploder.

This resource complements Isometric Shape Draw another resource on this site.

As with all of the resources that utilise 3D on this site slower computers may glitch. Better performance may be found with Internet Explorer rather than other browsers as it seems to have better Flash Player integration. Rotation is most likely to cause problems so limiting use of this may also help.

Comments and suggestions are welcome as always.

6 comments on “Isometric Shape Exploder

  1. Holli Cooper

    I would love it if there were more available shapes in this resource. Could there be the current set and then other sets that could be clicked on the access? I will be using (very greatfully!) this resource when I introduce volume and having more shapes and more complex shapes available would make the resource useful over multiple lessons. I love it now but would like to love it more!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comment. I will add more shapes. Some resources, like this one, are quite intensive to produce so I tend to wait to see if its useful before I spend further time on it.

    Comments like this suggest I should spend the time! I’m finishing off some other resources but I’ll make sure I get back to this one before too long.


  3. admin Post author

    Thanks. There is a similar resource for cuboids but still to get around to the more complex shapes. So much to do so little time I’m afraid.

    Try Cuboid Exploder

  4. georgia

    this is an awsome game to use in the classroom. because it gets the children thinking about where to put the lines. overall this is a brilliant resource

  5. Emma

    Brilliant. i use it as a quick mental oral starter to get the pupils to visualise areas they coud not see such as faces on 3d shapes. got them to show me how many cubes and when i exploded the shape they were amazed!

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