iPad IWB tablet Android education teaching resourceAnother puzzle resource for encouraging persistence and problem solving skills in children.  Compatible with iPad and Android tablets as well as PCs this resource can be worked on as a class at an IWB or individually using tablets.  It is also simple enough that a physical version could be made with toy cars and a paper grid.

At the start of the puzzle the crates numbered 1 to 4 run across the top and the crate 5 to 8 run across the bottom. The challenge is to place the top crates at the bottom and vice versa.  They must still run in order though.  Only one crate can be in a square at a time and they may not move through each other.  It can be solved in a minimum of 41 moves but solving is challenge enough for most!  Tap a crate and then tap the square you would like it to move to.  This counts as a single move, regardless of the number of squares the crate passes through.

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