IWB iPAd Android Clasroom PUzzle

Flip Over

 Another counter sorting puzzle for iPad, Android and IWB along the lines of the Two At a Time puzzle.  This is very similar as you must arrange the pattern of shapes so that there are 4 octagons followed by 4 stars with the 2 blanks on the far right.  The twist with this puzzle is […]

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IWB iPad Android Classroom puzzle

Lock Down

 A magic square maths variation on the sliding puzzle used in the Letter Blocks resource.  Use this on an IWB, computer, iPad or Android device to take up the challenge of making each row, column and the two diagonal lines add up to 12.  The catch is that one of the numbers cannot move and […]

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IWB iPad Android Classroom Puzzle

Nine Digits

A mathematical based puzzle for IWB, iPad and Android that requires some careful numeracy thinking and some informed trial and error. When the resource opens you will see that both multiplication calculations give the same result of 3634. The highest number that can be the answer for both calculations using each of the nine digits […]

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IWB Android iPad Puzzle Classroom resource

Two At A Time

This iPad, Android,and IWB teaching resource is another puzzle for encouraging children not to give up on problems and to develop problem solving skills.  To solve the puzzle all of the stars must be grouped together and so must the pentagons.  The two empty spaces can be left at either end of the row.  Each […]

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Maths arithmetic game

Multiplication Sprint

 This education game is for practising multiplication tables.  Compatible with PCs, iPads, and Android Tablets you are able to use it in whatever way best suits your teaching.  In particular the presentation of this games has been kept age neutral to provide an opportunity for older children to practise their multiplication tables away from the […]

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