A magic square maths variation on the sliding puzzle used in the Letter Blocks resource.  Use this on an IWB, computer, iPad or Android device to take up the challenge of making each row, column and the two diagonal lines add up to 12.  The catch is that one of the numbers cannot move and must be locked before the tiles can start to be moved.  After this the puzzle works like any other slide puzzle where you must try to meet the finishing condition by sliding the tiles into position.  The blank counts as zero for working out the sums.  The puzzle can be solved in just 19 moves but a good way to solve it is to try to work out the correct finish position first and, from that, which tile never moves.

Tapping a tile will cause it to move into the blank if its a valid horizontal or vertical move.

Go to the puzzle resource.

A modern browser is needed on PCs. IE10 or higher.