Fraction Board IWB web app


Fraction charts are useful to show fractions and their equivalents.  This resource does this using traditional horizontal fraction bars and the pie-chart-style ones shown.  Toggle between the two types and adjust which fractions are shown. Go to fraction board teaching resource. This resource is part of the Numeracy Basics app available on the iPad app […]

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Flash Fractions App

Note that these are teaching resources to aid in teaching.  They are not designed for self study, although they could be useful in refreshing a student’s knowledge by using the tools by which the teacher taught him or her.   To assist in this and also to refresh the memories of any parent who might […]

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Flash Equivalent Fractions

This interactive whiteboard resource helps compare which fractions are bigger, smaller or equivalent. The fractions are shown on a pulley system. The larger fraction will hang below the smaller one. When they are equal they will be at the same level. Below each fraction is shown its decimal value. […]

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