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This interactive whiteboard resource is another that was initially designed to form part of a space themed set of lessons.  It can, however, be used perfectly well in isolation on a lesson on angles.  Within the themed leson I give the backstory that the solar panels of their satellite have become unaligned and need correcting manually.  The resource is designed to encourage children to estimate angles.  On the left of the screen 4 values for the optimal angle of each “panel” is given as well as its error value which shows how far from optimal it is.  Tap the appropriate dial and drag the brighter of the two green lines into a position that you believe makes the angle closest to the optimal position.  Then do the same for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  Once all 4 panels have been set click enter.  This will show the new error rates and if necessary a fine tuning attempt can be made. 

A combined error rate of less than 20 needs to be reached for the challenge to be beaten. 

This resource can work well as a team exercise with 4 members per team with each setting one dial.  The winning team is the one that succeeds in the fewest attempts.  There is a post showing how this resource is used in a space themed set of lessons on the supporting blog for this website here.

Go to Mars Angle interactive whiteboard resource.

A useful resource to explain measuring angles is this Angle Measurer.

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