Soma IWB Resource

The third interactive whiteboard resource in a series to aid using Soma Cubes in lessons.  This one is to facilitate adding a competitive element to their use.  Break the class into groups and allocate them to  one of four colours red, green, yellow or blue.  Set a goal.  This may be to complete a horizontal line, vertical line or any line.   When a group shows you that they have completed a shape they can capture that square by pressing the appropriate colour on the appropriate box.  That square is then captured for 2 minutes or permanently if you activate that option.  To take take a closer look at a shape click the small picture inside the box. Click the larger picture to close it.  There is far more detail on how to use this resource on the link below.

Go to Soma Bingo Interactive whiteboard Resource.

To learn more about using Soma Cubes in lessons for practising spatial awareness and problem solving skills see this the supporting site to –

View Soma Cube Introduction IWB resource.

Soma Isometric Drawing

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