screenshotUse your interactive white board to play Maths bingo with your students.  If you use the printable bingo books provided for this resource the program can instantly check which numbers have been called on which book and provide a picture of that book with the appropriate numbers marked, saving time when a student calls Bingo!

 The answers can be hidden by the cover so that the questions can be delivered visually on the interactive whiteboard.

In response to the request in the comments Bingo version 2 is now on-line.  This operates on a timer basis.  Choose 5 0r 10 second intervals.  Click pause to stop new questions appearing. Click the 5 or 10 second buttons to continue. All else works the same.  The original is still here in case of problems with the new version or if you just prefer it.

 Go to new and improved Bingo learning resource

Go to original Bingo learning resource

Get instructions and bingo books

Remember to toggle the cover over the called numbers when the questions are displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

Contribute to this resource by submitting your own bank of questions.  Read the following guide to see how. Bingo Contribution.

Here is the question template to allow you to contribute. Right click select “save as”.  The file is a plain text file.

19 thoughts on “Flash Bingo

  1. Is it possible for me to change the questions but leave the answers the same? If not is there a way of knowing what the answers are so that I can call out an appropriate question to ensure the books can be checked correctly through the programme?

  2. Hi, thank you for your question.

    Your question has pre-empted something I’m starting to prepare for a few of the resources. Unfortunately Flash applications, for security reasons, don’t allow users to save information so its not possible for a user to directly do this.

    However, I’ve written Bingo to have an easily modifiable question list, even for a non-programmer. What I am going to do is make the part of the program with the questions in available for users to take and modify the questions. These can be resubmitted to me, I’ll incorporate them in the program and post on the web with an acknowledgement to the question writer. My hope is that programs such as bingo will have a number of themed banks of questions to varying difficulty levels. The problem for me is that it takes a long time to write out 90 questions for each bank. I hope that users will ease this burden and be happy to share with others.

    I will have instructions for doing this added to this post in the next day or so. I hope this is something you would be happy to do and use.

    Thanks, Spencer

  3. Would it be possible to have the question coming across the screen at regular intervals that we could preset eg 5 seconds, 10 seconds. So I could just leave it running say whilst I was doing the register.
    Thanks for the great resources

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Someone else suggested this as well. I’ll take that as overwhelming demand and try and implement that.

    By the way, for regular users who have noticed one of the questions had a decimal answer, so was clearly wrong, that’s been fixed.


  5. Timed version now available. How’s that for service? Other suggestions on any of the resources will be considered.


  6. Thanks for this fantastic resource – a great end of year activity, the students got really excited.
    I think though that the number 6 answer is duplicated. I played it twice today and both times the number 7 didn’t come up so I marked off the answers on a 1-90 grid. I think there are 2 questions with the answer 6, one of which should be a 7.

  7. Well spotted and thanks for letting me know.

    I’ve fixed it now. Sometimes the way schools set up their computers can mean it takes a while for the computer network to stop using the old version but, fingers crossed, the fixed ones are there.


  8. My students have enjoyed this activity but noticed a error on one of the questions today – faces of a cube is 6 not 7

  9. Thanks you for letting me know of that error. I thought they’d all been caught by now! It has now been corrected.


  10. Great resource, used it for the first time today (recommended) it went down well with a Y7 class on a promised “Fun” lesson! Using it tomorrow to finish off a mental test session with another group. Chocolate prizes help keep interest!

  11. Had ITW installed last week and have been looking for resources, love your site and will definately be using some of these with the students.

    I was wondering if you could put up some lower level maths questions?

  12. Can the questions scroll from the right to the left?
    That way they appear in the same order as we would write them.

    Again, perhaps they could come in faster and then stop for the right time. What do others think?

  13. Hi this is a great resource, I’ve been using it with KS3 & KS4 classes as revision of mental arithmetic as have the rest of my department. Now that I have moved onto percentages with my Yr7 their homework is to write questions converting fractions and decimals into percentages with the answers being the numbers 1-90. So hopefully I will be sending you a different set of questions next week.

  14. I would like to put Math addition & subtraction facts – would that be possible? Or do the answers have to be 1 – 80? If you are able to make it with the facts to 24 I’ll send you the list.

  15. Would it be possible for me to write my own bank of 90 questions at a suitable level for my class, and then select only those questions to play Bingo with? If so, how? Your website shows me how to add to the bank, but I don’t know if there is a way I can select suitable questions for my group.

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