Carroll Diagram Teaching Resource

Carroll Diagram

This teaching resource is for both teaching how to use Carroll diagrams and for practising using them. There are two modes: Demonstration Mode:  This is untimed and unscored.  It gives immediate feedback and numbers can be moved repeatedly.  Teachers may like to use this on an IWB or tablet to demonstrate the concept. Challenge Mode: […]

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Venn Chart IWB Resource App

Venn Chart

This resource has two sections. One is for children to practise sorting multiple on a Venn diagram.  This is timed and gives a score along with the correct answers at the end. Scores are retained in the device’s memory over multiple sessions. The other is designed for teachers to talk through the process.  It is […]

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IWB iPad Decimals Teaching App Resource

Decimal Line

Decimals and reading scales come together in this app as the player needs to mark where the given number appears on the number line.  Twenty correct answers in a row are needed to complete the challenge. Go to Decimal Line teaching resource. Another resource dealing with decimals can be found here:Compare Decimals

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IWB iPad Coordinate teaching resource app

Demonstrate Coordinates

Show how to use coordinates in one, two, or three quadrants using this resource.  Drag the markers around and their respective coordinates will be updates.  These can be covered or uncovered to enable the resource to be used for either demonstration purposes or to facilitate class questioning. Go to demonstrating coordinates teaching resource.

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IWB iPad Coordinate Teaching Resource app

Show The Coordinate

Practise coordinates on a 1, 2 and 4 quadrant grid in this learning resources. A coordinate appears at the top.  Tap its location on the grid within the time and move on to the next until you get one wrong or 20 in a row correct. Go to coordinates teaching resource.

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IWB iPad Roman Numerals app teaching resource

Roman Numerals Flashcards

Rather than write your own slides, use this resource to generate Roman numerals for class questioning.  Set the range bands and then generate as many as you want.  The second button gives helpful hints to assist learning such as the decimal equivalents and the places where subtraction needs to be used to work out the Roman […]

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IWB iPad Teaching resource roman numerals

Roman Numerals Complete

Develop fluency with Roman numerals using this resource.  A number appears as well as its Roman numeral equivalent, except there is a space in it.  The player must select the appropriate Roman numeral to fill the space before the timer runs out.  A wrong answer ends the game, correct answers complete it. Three options can […]

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IWB iPAd Android decimals app teaching resource

Compare Decimals

Use greater than and less than signs to compare decimals.  Draw the sign on the blue surface before the time bar runs out.  After 10 questions the timer speeds up.  If you start to draw the wrong sign turn it into a scribble or continue off the surface to cancel and start the sign again…if you […]

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IWB iPad Teaching app area

Show The Area

Develop multiplication skills in the context of area of rectangles using this resource.  One number is missing from the question but the player must still drag a rectangle to equal the numbers that are included.  A wrong answer or exceeding the time limit ends the game.  20 correct wins the game. Go to Show the […]

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IWB iPad ANdroid Teaching Resource app

Show The Angle

Set the angle to the given amount before the time runs out.  The first 10 questions have an error margin of +/- 10 and the next ten require a greater accuracy of just +/-5.  You can be wrong, and the game will tell you what angle you have set, but you must correct it before […]

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IWB iPad Android teaching app angle measure protractor

Angle Measure

Show how to use an angle measurer on an IWB or tablet.  Generate new angles at the tap of a button.  To help reading of the scale use the handy magnifier facility. Go to angle measure teaching resource.

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IWB iPad teaching resource division remainder

What is the remainder?

A nice and simple game for working on division with remainders.  A simple division is shown alongside the answer, except for the remainder, which is the player’s job to find.  The remainder will always be 1,2,3,or 4.  Just tap the answer and move on.  The timer starts after the first question is answered as you […]

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IWB iPAd Teaching resource temperature reading scales

Reading Scales: Temperature

For lessons on reading temperature from a scale.  This resource includes two thermometers to read.  One that covers only positive celsius numbers and one that dips into negatives.  Useful for group and class teaching when you need plenty of scale examples to read from. Tap scale to change the temperature range. Tap New for a […]

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IWB iPad Reading Scales Teaching Resource

Reading Scales: Mass

For lessons where you need an unending amount of scales to read from.  This resource generates new measurements of mass on various kilogram and gram scales.  Useful on IWB or tablets for class teaching about reading scales. Tap Dial to change the scales. Tap New to generate a new measurement. Go to reading scales teaching […]

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Analogue Clock for IWB iPad Android Tablet teaching resource

Just A Clock

A single,simple plain analogue clock for you to use however you wish with your students.  On an IWB for whole class work on a tablet for individual or group work.  Just move and drag the hands. Go to Just a Clock teaching resource.

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Time IWB iPad Android Teaching Resource

Time Digital To Analogue

Teach and practise converting time between digital and analogue and vice-versa with this IWB/iPad/Android tablet teaching resource. Tap new to generate a new target time on the left hand clock. Then set the right hand clock to match its time.  Tap check to see if they match.  Switch between the different conversion modes using the […]

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IWB iPad Android Time Teaching Resource

Time Change

Teach adding or subtracting time using this teaching resource for IWB, iPad and Android tablets. The left hand clock gives you a starting time and is fixed. Tapping new gives you a new starting time as well as an instruction to change the time by a certain amount.  Move the hands of the right hand […]

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IWB iPad Android Clock Time teaching resource

Time Set

Set the clock according to the given time in this teaching resource.  Move the hands of the clock and then click check to see if the entered time is correct.  Pick a new time and choose whether it selectsa time based on the 5 minute intervals.  This teaching resource is compatible with iPads, Android tablets […]

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IWB iPad Time Teaching resource

Time Conversion

Use this teaching resource to show the different ways of describing the time.  You can show all or some of the clocks that show 12 and 24 hour digital time, analogue time, and the time in words. Compatible with IWBs for whole class teaching and with iPads and other tablets for small group and individual […]

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Symmetry Shapes

A teaching resource for use on IWBs and iPads for demonstrating symmetry.  From left to right the buttons let you: Have the existing shape move to a new position. Check whether the drawn reflection is correct. Clear the user’s drawing. Move on to another shape. Select from a vertical, horizontal or diagonal mirror line. To […]

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IWB iPad Android Symmetry Teaching Resource

Symmetry Counters

An update to an older resource. Use this IWB and tablet compatible teaching resource to demonstrate placing counters to show symmetry across a mirror line.  Click ‘New’ for a new arrangement.  Click ‘Check’ to find out how many are wrong.  Click ‘V/H/D Line’ to change between a horizontal,vertical and diagonal mirror line. Go to symmetry teaching resource. […]

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IWB iPad Android Symmetry Teaching Resource

Symmetry Invaders

 This is a game for practising symmetry and is compatible with IWB, iPad and other tablets. Defend yourself from the invaders by completing their symmetry to lock on and destroy them. Fail and they shoot back! A practise mode is included for teaching about symmetry or for students to practise before engaging the enemy.  This […]

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IWB iPad Teaching resource 100 number square

Advanced Hundred Square

 A hundred square is a useful way to teach a number of numeracy concepts but, as a recent email pointed out to me, they don’t help to move the concept on to higher numbers.  This hundred square is very similar in function to the standard Hundred Square previously published, and also to the one on […]

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IWB iPad 100 Number Square

Hundred Square

 A 100 Number square can come in useful for many math explanations so here’s a new one that will work on all devices including iPad, tablets and interactive whiteboards. It lets you choose whether it runs from top to bottom or bottom to top.  You can also choose if the numbers run from 0 to […]

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Multiplication Grid

 Teach and practise multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 on this teaching resource for IWB and mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets. Selecting practise lets you use this resource to demonstrate or lead whole class exercises from the IWB.  Turning of practise gives a timed challenge to complete 5 grids and also […]

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This teaching and learning resource, compatible with iPad, other tablets and PCs for the IWB uses the old favourite: Arithmagons.  The thought to produce an updated versions of this resource came from browsing the informative blog by Colleen Young.  There does not appear to be any Arithmagon resources compatible with tablets until this one. In these […]

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IWB iPad Android Classrom puzzle

Crates Puzzle

Another puzzle resource for encouraging persistence and problem solving skills in children.  Compatible with iPad and Android tablets as well as PCs this resource can be worked on as a class at an IWB or individually using tablets.  It is also simple enough that a physical version could be made with toy cars and a […]

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iPAd Android IWB Classroom puzzle

Difference Triangle

This puzzle resource is a very difficult challenge and brings up to date this earlier resource (not tablet compatible) so that the same challenge can be worked with on all devices.  It is simple enough to understand.  Swap tiles so that each number in the triangle is the absolute difference between the two numbers below. […]

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iPad Android maths game


 This math practice game is for children to employ quick addition and subtraction skills.  It is compatible with all devices with a modern browser. The player controls a craft using thrust to go up and left and right controls.  Going down is left to gravity.  The player is told to take the craft either higher or lower […]

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IWB iPad Teaching Resource Addition

Addition Arranger

 Use this challenging iPad, Android or IWB resource to teach and practise mathematical reasoning based on column addition skills. All of the numbers to make a complete addition are given by the resource.  The player needs to switch the tiles around to make it correct.  The tiles in the question and answer parts can, and […]

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IWB iPad Addition practice teaching resource

Addition Number Square Challenge

After teaching children how to use a number square to develop basic addition skills using this number square resource, this resource is ideal for providing an opportunity to practise.  It has the same look and feel, but whereas the other resource is designed for demonstration this one sets questions. After tapping Begin the 1 minute timer […]

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IWB iPad Android teaching resource addition

Addition Number Square

Many hundred squares (my own included) offer lots of options for using them for different things.  Most of the time they are used for a specific purpose such as teaching addition and all of the options needlessly clutter up the screen.  This iPad, Android and IWB compatible teaching resource is specifically for teaching addition.  It […]

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IWB iPad Android addition teaching resource

Addition Visualise

This teaching resource for iPad, Android, and IWB is for visualising addition for younger learners.  Generate a new addition (maximum sum of 20) cover one of the numbers and use the counters to represent the numbers being added. The counters can be picked up and placed in the containers to assist in this explanation. In […]

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IWB Android iPad addition teaching resource

Addition Complete

This teaching resource, compatible with iPad and Android tablets, provides a chance to practise completing additions where one of the numbers to add is missing.  Drag the tiles on the right to fill in the blank space.  A correct answer results in the addition disappearing.  An incorrect answer leaves the addition there but also adds […]

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iPad IWB Android Addition game

Add Up

 This teaching and learning resource takes the form of a game compatible with iPad, Android and desktop computers.  It will also work on phones although small screens may not be suitable for the size of the tiles. The game starts as soon as the player touches the tiles.  The challenge is to select a group […]

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IWB iPAd Android teaching resource for column addition

Column Addition 3 Digits

This interactive teaching resource is for demonstration purposes.  Using it teachers can show a vast number of examples easily and clearly.  Generate a new question and then tap the answer tiles to increase by one.  Below the main section is a smaller set of tiles that show exactly what is happening – whether you are […]

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iPad IWB Android Classroom puzzle

Route Finder

Another IWB, iPad or Android resource to challenge children’s (or anybody’s) thinking skills.  Choose your start point from any of the circular nodes on the grid.  You must then visit each straight section in only 19 moves.  They will fade out to show they have been visited.  As there are 17 straight pieces and the […]

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IWB iPAd Android Clasroom PUzzle

Flip Over

 Another counter sorting puzzle for iPad, Android and IWB along the lines of the Two At a Time puzzle.  This is very similar as you must arrange the pattern of shapes so that there are 4 octagons followed by 4 stars with the 2 blanks on the far right.  The twist with this puzzle is […]

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IWB iPad Android Classroom puzzle

Lock Down

 A magic square maths variation on the sliding puzzle used in the Letter Blocks resource.  Use this on an IWB, computer, iPad or Android device to take up the challenge of making each row, column and the two diagonal lines add up to 12.  The catch is that one of the numbers cannot move and […]

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IWB iPad Android Classroom Puzzle

Nine Digits

A mathematical based puzzle for IWB, iPad and Android that requires some careful numeracy thinking and some informed trial and error.  When the resource opens you will see that both multiplication calculations give the same result of 3634. The highest number that can be the answer for both calculations using each of the nine digits […]

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IWB Android iPAd Classroom Puzzle

Hop Over

 Another IWB, iPad and Android compatible teaching and learning resource for problem and puzzle solving.  Encourage children to think about how to efficiently approach problems and not to give up by setting them this simple to understand puzzle.  The goal is to reverse the order of the counters so that there are 3 purples, then […]

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IWB Android iPad Classroom puzzle resource

Letter Blocks

This teaching resource, compatible with iPad, Android and IWB is another puzzle for encouraging children to work on their problem solving skills.  It is a variation on the traditional 15 Puzzle.  Slide the tiles around until they run in alphabetical order from the top left..  Solving it in any number of moves is one challenge […]

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IWB Android iPad Puzzle Classroom resource

Two At A Time

This iPad, Android,and IWB teaching resource is another puzzle for encouraging children not to give up on problems and to develop problem solving skills.  To solve the puzzle all of the stars must be grouped together and so must the pentagons.  The two empty spaces can be left at either end of the row.  Each […]

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IWB iPAd Android Classroom teaching puzzle resource

Magic Circles

This iPad, Android, IWB compatible teaching resource is a variation on this one except it is much easier, perhaps too easy.  This one is from this book, the follow up to the book that the previous resource was in and can be found here. Simply swap the numbers around until they add up to 14 […]

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IWB iPad Android addition puzzle

Magic Star

 This teaching resource is compatible with PCs and tablets both Android and iPad and phones too.  It is a math/logic puzzle taken from this book.  It is easy to understand, uses only simple addition, but is challenging to solve.  It is useful for mixed ability groups as the whole class will be able to grasp […]

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iPad IWB Android Square Number Puzzle resource

Sum Squares

 This resource was inspired by the Puzzle of the Month in the always informative newsletter by Andrew Jeffrey, also on twitter as @AJMagicMessage.  The challenge is to arrange the numbers 1 to 15 so that each adjacent pair, when added together, result in a square number.  This puzzle is particularly nice in that it doesn’t need […]

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Maths arithmetic game

Multiplication Sprint

 This education game is for practising multiplication tables.  Compatible with PCs, iPads, and Android Tablets you are able to use it in whatever way best suits your teaching.  In particular the presentation of this games has been kept age neutral to provide an opportunity for older children to practise their multiplication tables away from the […]

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This Geoboard style interactive whiteboard resource is identical to the one found on the Numeracy Basics app for iPad.  You can use this one for free while teaching to the whole class while using the iPad version for one to one assistance during the lesson. Drag the existing triangle to the pegboard.  Add new corners […]

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This IWB resource for was created to help some children I worked with to learn the alphabet.  As they were older than when they were expected to have learned the alphabet by, they found many of the available resources to be too young looking for them. This was created to help them to practise using […]

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Fractions App

 This post is to announce a collection of interactive whiteboard resources rather than just one.  These resources are written using the HTML5 standard to allow them to be compatible with iPads and other tablets  as well as desktop computers.  The performance of HTML5 is still not on a par with Flash but is now at […]

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Add Up Grid

 This IWB and iPad compatible classroom resource is designed as a starter or plenary activity.  Show the resource to your class and give them 30, 60 or 90 seconds to calculate the highest possible total of 4 tiles.  They must pick a starting tile, then move either up, down, left or right to form the […]

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Card Frame

This resources brings a popular old resource up to date.  As well as being smartened up this resource is compatible with iPads and other tablets as well as PCs.  In essence it is the same as the older resource and is made to accompany a puzzle published in an old book by Henry Ernest Dudeney.  […]

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Missing Numbers (Addition)

 This interactive whiteboard resource is useful for introducing children to the concept of having the answer but not one of the numbers in the question.  An addition is shown with an answer but not one of the numbers being added.  The “20” button generates questions with an answer below 20.  The “100” button generates numbers […]

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Number Flip

This interactive whiteboard resource is designed to facilitate number work and place value with a class.  It works primarily as an aid to questioning when comparing the effect of change a digit in a place and comparing number sizes.  You may also find other ways to use it. The resource was originally suggested on twitter […]

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Fraction Chart

This interactive whiteboard resource provides what is hoped to be a convenient upgrade to standard fraction charts.  One of the problems with standard fraction charts is that looking for equivalent fractions can be made difficult for students as they are presented with so many.  Added to this is the fact that some are so far […]

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Magnet Numbers

This resource is the free IWB version of the new resource added to the Numeracy Basics iPad app.  Apart from performance. which is dependent on your computer, it is identical to the one in the app.  It is designed to allow teachers to model a variety of number based lessons.  As many of each number […]

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Letter Quiz 2

This is a resource to support a quiz format that is popular in the classrooms (at least in the UK).  It is for 2 teams.  One team needs to complete a white path up the board the other team needs to complete a red path across the board.  The team with the advantage is red as their […]

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Number Beads

This interactive white boards resource is a new version of one featured on the original version of the Numeracy Basics app.  In the UK reviews somebody suggested that it would be useful if the beads increase from 20 to 50 or 100.  The reason that they were fixed at 20 was that that was the most […]

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Times Tables

This interactive whiteboard resource is a simple one for going over times tables.  You can select which times table to display and whether to display it in order.  Tapping the blue covers reveals or hides each answer.  All can be covered or uncovered using the buttons at the top. This resource is identical to the one on […]

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Multiplication Square

This interactive whiteboard resource is  the same as the one found on my newly released iPad Numeracy Basics App. This IWB resource can be used to help with teaching multiplication facts and times tables.  It works in a similar fashion to the Number Square IWB resource previously published. Rows and columns can be highlighted by tapping the […]

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IWB Clock

This new IWB resource is an update of one of the most used resources on this site. The spinnable IWB clock.  Things that were liked about this resource were its rotate the bevel to show the time advancing, giving it a spin to pick a random time and uncluttered display.  Things that were not liked were how the […]

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Pool Ball Challenge

As detailed here there was an intention to create resources that were compatible with IWBs and iPads.  Unfortunately as detailed here technology is not at the point where this can be done at the moment.  As such this resource is aimed directly at the iPad.  It should work on Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Firefox 7 […]

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Mars Lander

AN IWB resource for challenging children’s teamwork and communication skills as a part of a space themed set of lessons.

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Mars Circuit

AN IWB resource to support a lesson on logical thinking and problem solving as part of the Mission to M.ars series of resources

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Difference Triangle

This IWB resource is designed to introduce students to the challenge of completing a Difference Triangle.    If you want to introduce a problem based lesson this resource should save you some planning and preparing time.  This resource can be used to show students the concept on the IWB.  When a student has solved it their […]

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Cross Target

Am IWB resource with supporting printable sheets to facilitate the teaching of systematic approaches to mathematics and logic problems.

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Negative Number Line

A scrollable number line for the interactive whiteboard. It shows the numbers from -50 to +50 with about 10 on screen at any one time. The numbers can be annotated using the built in tools and these annotations will scroll with the number line itself.

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Angle Measure

An interactive whiteboard resource for demonstrating the measurement of angles. Two virtual angle measurers are available one that covers 180 degrees and another that covers 360 degrees.

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Clock Rotation

An interactive whiteboard resource that can be used to challenge students’ understanding of rotation by rotating a clock and challenging them to work out the time.

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Reading Scales 2

An interactive whiteboard resource for teaching the reading of measurement scales. A variety of scales and devices are presented and random readings can be generated at the click of a button.

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Venn Factors

An interactive whiteboard resource to demonstrate sorting groups of factors using a venn diagram. This resource could be useful when teaching highest common factors.

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Venn Multiples

An interactive whiteboard resource to assist in teaching common multiples using a Venn diagram. Numbers can be dragged and dropped on to the appropriate part of the diagram.

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Cell Phone Maths

An interactive whiteboard resource to encourage students to apply their maths skills to the real world using a suimulated mobile phone calculator.

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