Add Up Grid

IWB iPad Teaching resource This IWB and iPad compatible classroom resource is designed as a starter or plenary activity.  Show the resource to your class and give them 30, 60 or 90 seconds to calculate the highest possible total of 4 tiles.  They must pick a starting tile, then move either up, down, left or right to form the rest of the total.  When the time is up find out who has the highest total and what the total is.  That student should then show their 4 tiles on the resource; their answer must reach the total they stated.  If it does not move on to the next highest total and so on.  The resource will check their total and ensure their tiles stay within the rules.

This game will provide an opportunity for a class or group to practise mental or written arithmetic depending on the rules you set.

This resource could be used with a whole class on an IWB or a small group with a teacher that has an iPad or other tablet.  Up to date HTML5 compatible browsers are needed.

This resource does not work with Internet Explorer 9.  On Windows please upgrade to IE 10 or use Chrome or Firefox.

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Letter Quiz 2

This is a resource to support a quiz format that is popular in the classrooms (at least in the UK).  It is for 2 teams.  One team needs to complete a white path up the board the other team needs to complete a red path across the board.  The team with the advantage is red as their path is potentially longer than white’s.  Questions follow the format of “What T is…”.

Each new game starts with a flashing random letter.  Whichever team gets the question right clicks the appropriate button and the flashing letter becomes their colour.  They then pick which letter they want to try for next.

This resource is basically a rewrite of a popular one that already exists on this site.  The difference apart from the smarter graphics is that this one is not written in Flash and will, therefore, work on mobile devices and tablets such as the iPad.  It will also work on newer browsers on desktop machines.  If it does not or the performance is lacking please try the original version.

By making this usable by iPads and the like the opportunity exists for small groups to be involved in a a quiz, perhaps with a teaching assistant, away from the main classroom, and hence the IWB.

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HTML5 works well on iPads but can be very sluggish on some computers/browsers.

The Flash based version can be found here if this one does not work well on your computer.

Some interesting ideas for its use can be found in the comments there.

Comments and bugs can be left below.

Fraction Comparison

Fraction IWB Resource

This interactive whiteboard resource provides a companion for the Decimal Comparison IWB resource.  It works in exactly the same way.  The students have 30 seconds to show which of a pair of fractions is greater than or less than the other by drawing on the appropriate signs.  Correct answers gain a point;  incorrect answers  lose a point.  After clicking “Go” two fractions will appear.  The blue rectangular background is a drawing canvas that will detect which of the two signs “<” or “>”  has been drawn by the students. 

This resource might be used as a plenary exercise or a revision game.  As with all of the resources on this site it is designed for use on the IWB at the front of the class.  Drawing the signs is easier on a whiteboard than with a mouse.

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You may also find this IWB resource for illustrating equivalent fractions useful.

Word Circle

IWB Resource

An Interactive Whiteboard Resource to allow quick spelling based games.  Similar to the puzzles found in many newspapers a nine letter word has each of its letters randomly put into each circle.  If you follow the rules of the newspaper variants the challenge is to make as many words of 4+ letters as you can always using the centre letter.  You can come up with your own scoring method but one method is to give 1 point for a 4 letter word, 2 for 5 letters etc.  If students find the nine letter word they get 10 points.  There is a built in 3 minute timer which slowly colours in red as the time elapses.  A buzzer marks time up.  Or you may prefer to not user a timer.

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Suggestions and bug reports welcome in the comments.

Clock Rotation

An interactive whiteboard resource to practise visualising clockwise and anticlockwise rotations.

When you click on “go” the clock face will be obscured.  When it is shown again the numbers will be hidden.  The blue box at the side tells you how many degrees the clockface has been rotated by and whether the rotation was clockwise or anticlockwise.

The rotations are always in multiples of 3o degrees. Clicking “show” will reveal the clock’s numbers and the answer.  This would probably be useful as a plenary activityafter a lesson on rotation.

Any comments are welcome as are error reports and suggestions for improvement.

Interactive whiteboard resource.

If you are looking for a traditional interactive whiteboard clock for lessons on telling the time go to: interactive whiteboard clock on this site.

Circuit Maths

This interactive whiteboard resource is intentionally fast paced to encourage students to estimate and consider what answer looks correct without necessarily working it out accurately. The fast pace also ensures a number of students can have a turn at the front of the class without taking up to much time.  Class questioning could consider what ways we can check whether an answer looks right.  I.e. adding 2 odd numbers will produce an even answer, rounding to the nearest ten and then adding for an estimated answer etc.

Borrowing the idea of diffusing a bomb from television drama the students need to connect the components together based on the addition questions and answers.  Click and drag from the question to the answer (or vice-versa).  Every failed connection results in sparks and a 5 second time penalty so accuracy is important.

This resource has sound so ensure your speakers are at an appropriate level.

As always if you encounter any bugs or problems please report it here.  If you like this resource and would like it applied to another concept or have a suggestion to improve it also leave your comment.

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Slide Puzzle Maths

An interactive whiteboard resource for students to practice ordering numbers/fractions as well as a bit of logical thinking.  This resource simulates a slide puzzle.  Tapping a square next to an empty space moves it into that empty space.  The (difficult!) challenge is to order the squares so that their contents is in ascending order from the top left.  The rows follow the pattern demonstrated in the background image blocks i.e. smallest at the top left ascending to the right, then restarting on the left.  When the correct arrangement is reached the tile’s border changes colour and the tiles spin.  No more interaction is possible until “Go” is clicked again.  Note clicking “Go” restarts the puzzle at any time.

If you like this resource and would like further varieties please leave a comment with the 15 or 12 items that you would like ordering and the resource will be added for all to use. Words or numbers are possible although obviously length is limited.  Other comments or bug reports also welcomed.

One resource is a 4 by 4 grid and contains fractions to be ordered.  Go to Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

One resource is a 3 by 4 grid and contains multiplications to be ordered.  Go to Interactive Whiteboard Resource.