Word Circle

IWB Resource

An Interactive Whiteboard Resource to allow quick spelling based games.  Similar to the puzzles found in many newspapers a nine letter word has each of its letters randomly put into each circle.  If you follow the rules of the newspaper variants the challenge is to make as many words of 4+ letters as you can always using the centre letter.  You can come up with your own scoring method but one method is to give 1 point for a 4 letter word, 2 for 5 letters etc.  If students find the nine letter word they get 10 points.  There is a built in 3 minute timer which slowly colours in red as the time elapses.  A buzzer marks time up.  Or you may prefer to not user a timer.

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Suggestions and bug reports welcome in the comments.

Vowel Digraphs

A literacy focussed Interactive Whiteboard resource.  This resource is to be played at the IWB by students.  A common vowel combination is shown at the top of the screen and the student is challenged to make the longest word they can from the variety of letters shown on the given tiles. Non-scoring words such as those that do not contain the given vowels or are incorrect will result in points being taken away.  A four letter word will score 1, a five letter word 2, 6 letters will score 3 and  more than 6 will score 5.  Each game is timed with the time available  be set by the teacher.  There will always be at least a 4 letter word that is possible for each selection.

A high score facility has been suggested for some previous resources so has been incorporated into this resource for the current session.

This resource will take longer to load than others due to the size of the built in dictionary.  If any problems are found with the dictionary such as not recognising a common word please report it as well as any other errors you may encounter.  As ever the final error testing for this resource is in the hands of the users.

Note this resource is superceded by this IWB resource which has been created in response to the comments below.

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Letter Dice

Teaching resourceThe first non-maths activity for this site.  Use as a starter or plenary activity in a literacy lesson. Click roll and the dice will generate a new set of letters.  The rules for how words can be made from the resulting letters will be left for the teachers to decide.

This resource is quite demanding on the computer.  Slower computers may glitch or temporarily freeze when the dice are rolled.  To minimise this make sure that no other applications are running at the same time as this resource.  If you have any suggestions or problems please leave a comment.

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Keyword Jumble

screenshotThis interactive whiteboard classroom activity produces a scrambled maths keyword for the students to solve. Alternatively enter a word for the computer to scramble and present. Useful as a starter to the lesson or to fill some time for the early arrivals while waiting for the rest of the students to arrive. Have a word projected on to the interactive whiteboard ready for students to unscramble.

As this resource also allows custom keywords to be entered it can be used for subjects other than maths.

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2D shape keywords only resource

Due to a request in the comments section there is now a 10 letter limit.