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IWB iPad Android addition teaching resource

Addition Visualise

This teaching resource for iPad, Android, and IWB is for visualising addition for younger learners.  Generate a new addition (maximum sum of 20) cover one of the numbers and use the counters to represent the numbers being added. The counters can be picked up and placed in the containers to assist in this explanation. In […]

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IWB iPAd Android teaching resource for column addition

Column Addition 3 Digits

This interactive teaching resource is for demonstration purposes.  Using it teachers can show a vast number of examples easily and clearly.  Generate a new question and then tap the answer tiles to increase by one.  Below the main section is a smaller set of tiles that show exactly what is happening – whether you are […]

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Number Flip

This interactive whiteboard resource is designed to facilitate number work and place value with a class.  It works primarily as an aid to questioning when comparing the effect of change a digit in a place and comparing number sizes.  You may also find other ways to use it. The resource was originally suggested on twitter […]

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Number Beads

This interactive white boards resource is a new version of one featured on the original version of the Numeracy Basics app.  In the UK reviews somebody suggested that it would be useful if the beads increase from 20 to 50 or 100.  The reason that they were fixed at 20 was that that was the most […]

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Times Tables

This interactive whiteboard resource is a simple one for going over times tables.  You can select which times table to display and whether to display it in order.  Tapping the blue covers reveals or hides each answer.  All can be covered or uncovered using the buttons at the top. This resource is identical to the one on […]

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Multiplication Square

This interactive whiteboard resource is  the same as the one found on my newly released iPad Numeracy Basics App. This IWB resource can be used to help with teaching multiplication facts and times tables.  It works in a similar fashion to the Number Square IWB resource previously published. Rows and columns can be highlighted by tapping the […]

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