What follows is a collection of resources for teaching and practising the alphabet.

When books reach a certain age they become part of the public domain. There are some wonderfully designed books that are of this age. This website is attempting to make them freely available to teachers in a useful format for the modern classroom. They are useful for teaching the alphabet but also for showing the style of books from times past. Each book is available as an interactive whiteboard resource where the pages of the virtual book can be turned. Each book has also been reformatted into a pdf file that you can print and display or give copies to students to practise from.

To use the books click on the right of the page and drag to the left to turn the page.

Interactive Whiteboard Book

In addition to the books you can also use these interactive whiteboard resources for practising the alphabet with your students.

Alphabet Speed Test

Students at the IWB can engage in 30 second speed test to choose which letter comes next. A point is added for a correct answer a point is deducted for an incorrect one. See who can get the highest score. Interactive Whiteboard Resource

Alphabet Boxes

A resource for students to demonstrate their knowledge at the Interactive Whiteboard. The boxes fall from the shelf. The students need to restack them in the correct order. There is no time limit teachers should feel free to create their own rules/times. Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

Ice Cube Alphabet

An interactive whiteboard game that requires a steady handy and a sense of balance so is suitable for older students who are still not sure of their alphabet. Students have either 1 minute or 2 minutes to stack as many of the icecubes in the correct order as possible. When the time is up 2 snowballs will destroy their efforts. The class can compete to see who can stack the most. Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

Letter reveal

This resource is a variant of this interactive whiteboard resource.  The idea for producing this variant came from one of the comments left on it.  At the moment the resource only has uppercase letters but one with lower case is underway.It should be useful with practising letter identification.  It works like a scratchcard for the interactive whiteboard and should be used with students rubbing off one of the numbered sections and guessing what the letter is underneath.

Go to Letter Reveal interactive whiteboard resource.

The books used in these resources were obtained from Project Gutenberg. The code for the books is open source see the resource for credits.

8 thoughts on “Alphabet Activities

  1. Your site is fabulous! Looking forward to more language based activities and games. Thanks!!!

  2. I have had a great time exploring this site, a number of times. I will link it to my blog. Will keep checking back in!

  3. I love your alphabet speed test. (and everything else)
    I’ve been looking for a number speed test – something similar to you alphabet speed test.
    Do you have one or know of one?

  4. Sorry, if the resource were available to download I would not be able to keep making the resources and allowing free access to them.

    I hope you can still get use from them.

  5. Fantastic resources, thank you so glad that I have pintrest as this is how I found you and have shared with others now too.

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