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In this exercise you need to decide which of the two decimals is largest by writing either < or >.

< is less than.

> is greater than.

To compare decimals work from the first digit on the left and progress to the right comparing the digit in the same place in both fractions.

Make sure that you are comparing digits from the same place value column.

Once you reacha column where the numbers are different you do not need to work look any further to the right.

0.813 is less than 0.828 because of the 2. The numbers after that column (the hundredths) do not matter when comparing the size.

0.81 is less than 0.812 because the 2 is greater than 0. Although the number 0.81 does not have a zero in that column it could be written there without changing the number.


< is less than.

> is greater than.

Game Over!

Your 60 seconds is up.

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