Shape Space and Measure

Reading Scales: Temperature

IWB iPAd Teaching resource temperature reading scalesFor lessons on reading temperature from a scale.  This resource includes two thermometers to read.  One that covers only positive celsius numbers and one that dips into negatives.  Useful for group and class teaching when you need plenty of scale examples to read from.

Tap scale to change the temperature range.

Tap New for a new temperature to read.

Go to temperature scales teaching resource.

A resource for reading scales of mass can be found here.

Time Change

IWB iPad Android Time Teaching ResourceTeach adding or subtracting time using this teaching resource for IWB, iPad and Android tablets.

The left hand clock gives you a starting time and is fixed. Tapping new gives you a new starting time as well as an instruction to change the time by a certain amount.  Move the hands of the right hand clock to the correct new time and tap ‘Check’ to see if you are correct.  Toggle between earlier and later times using the middle button.

Go to changing the time teaching resource.

Time Set

IWB iPad Android Clock Time teaching resource

Set the clock according to the given time in this teaching resource.  Move the hands of the clock and then click check to see if the entered time is correct.  Pick a new time and choose whether it selectsa time based on the 5 minute intervals.  This teaching resource is compatible with iPads, Android tablets and IWBs.

Go to time teaching resource.

Time Conversion

IWB iPad Time Teaching ResourceUse this teaching resource to show the different ways of describing the time.  You can show all or some of the clocks that show 12 and 24 hour digital time, analogue time, and the time in words. Compatible with IWBs for whole class teaching and with iPads and other tablets for small group and individual teaching.

  • Random selects a new random time.
  • Plus and minus move the time on or back by five minutes or one hour.
  • Blue radio buttons toggle the display of different clocks on or off.

Go to time conversion teaching resource.