IWB Android iPad Classroom puzzle resource

Letter Blocks

This teaching resource, compatible with iPad, Android and IWB is another puzzle for encouraging children to work on their problem solving skills.  It is a variation on the traditional 15 Puzzle.  Slide the tiles around until they run in alphabetical order from the top left..  Solving it in any number of moves is one challenge […]

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IWB Android iPad Puzzle Classroom resource

Two At A Time

This iPad, Android,and IWB teaching resource is another puzzle for encouraging children not to give up on problems and to develop problem solving skills.  To solve the puzzle all of the stars must be grouped together and so must the pentagons.  The two empty spaces can be left at either end of the row.  Each […]

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IWB iPAd Android Classroom teaching puzzle resource

Magic Circles

This iPad, Android, IWB compatible teaching resource is a variation on this one except it is much easier, perhaps too easy.  This one is from this book, the follow up to the book that the previous resource was in and can be found here. Simply swap the numbers around until they add up to 14 […]

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IWB iPad Android addition puzzle

Magic Star

 This teaching resource is compatible with PCs and tablets both Android and iPad and phones too.  It is a math/logic puzzle taken from this book.  It is easy to understand, uses only simple addition, but is challenging to solve.  It is useful for mixed ability groups as the whole class will be able to grasp […]

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iPad IWB Android Square Number Puzzle resource

Sum Squares

 This resource was inspired by the Puzzle of the Month in the always informative newsletter by Andrew Jeffrey, also on twitter as @AJMagicMessage.  The challenge is to arrange the numbers 1 to 15 so that each adjacent pair, when added together, result in a square number.  This puzzle is particularly nice in that it doesn’t need […]

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