speedABD IWB ipad resourceThis IWB resource for was created to help some children I worked with to learn the alphabet.  As they were older than when they were expected to have learned the alphabet by, they found many of the available resources to be too young looking for them.

This was created to help them to practise using a resource that did not make them feel they were using a babyish learning resource.  I’ve finally got around to polishing it up for a public release.

It is a simple game that focuses on repetition.  On the random mode children are given a start letter and they most progress as far from this as they can in the time shown by the bar.  They have 2 minutes to do as many sequences as possible.  On difficult it is the same except there is less time and after one minute the children need to do the alphabet in reverse starting from the illuminated letter.

On A to Z the challenge is to complete the alphabet as fast as possible.  Incorrect answers carry a 5 second penalty.  On hard the alphabet needs to be completed in reverse.  A challenge for most people!  The scores are saved onto the user computer so class competitions could be utilised using this resource.

Go to Speed ABC interactive whiteboard resource.