Number Flip IWB ResourceThis interactive whiteboard resource is designed to facilitate number work and place value with a class.  It works primarily as an aid to questioning when comparing the effect of change a digit in a place and comparing number sizes.  You may also find other ways to use it.

The resource was originally suggested on twitter by @gepocock.  She originally asked for it to use dice to allow numbers to be randomly generated for hundreds tens and units.  I changed this to flip charts as dice are a little impractical to manipulate when represented digitally.  Furthermore a six sided dice doesn’t have enough numbers and a ten sided dice can be confusing to read.  Hopefully the end result allows the same use.

Generate a new digit by tapping the page on each flip chart.  Flip charts can be rearranged by dragging them from the red top of the chart.  They can be placed on any empty peg.  The place value headings can be toggled using the top “x” button.  The flip charts and pegs on the bottom can be toggled on or off by using the bottom “x” button.

This resource is a candidate to be added to the Numeracy Basics app for the iPad for its next update.  You can comment on its functionality either in the comments below or on twitter @teacherled.

Go to number flip interactive whiteboard resource.

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  1. Thank you so much, a quality and open ended resource which allows the teacher to choose the pace and substance of the lesson:)

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