IWB Fraction ChartThis interactive whiteboard resource provides what is hoped to be a convenient upgrade to standard fraction charts.  One of the problems with standard fraction charts is that looking for equivalent fractions can be made difficult for students as they are presented with so many.  Added to this is the fact that some are so far from others.  For example comparing one third to 4 twelfths is made difficult because there are 8 fraction bars between them.  On this resource one whole is always shown.  The following 3 bars can be cycled from halves to twelfths to aid in comparing fractions.  A convenient vertical guide can also be dragged horizontally to accurately compare fractions.

The up and down arrow buttons control the cycling of the fraction types.  The vertical guide is draggable, and partially fades out when not in use and parked to the left or right of the chart.  The pale grey button toggles the rest of the buttons on or off in case they are proving distracting.

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