This is a resource to support a quiz format that is popular in the classrooms (at least in the UK).  It is for 2 teams.  One team needs to complete a white path up the board the other team needs to complete a red path across the board.  The team with the advantage is red as their path is potentially longer than white’s.  Questions follow the format of “What T is…”.

Each new game starts with a flashing random letter.  Whichever team gets the question right clicks the appropriate button and the flashing letter becomes their colour.  They then pick which letter they want to try for next.

This resource is basically a rewrite of a popular one that already exists on this site.  The difference apart from the smarter graphics is that this one is not written in Flash and will, therefore, work on mobile devices and tablets such as the iPad.  It will also work on newer browsers on desktop machines.  If it does not or the performance is lacking please try the original version.

By making this usable by iPads and the like the opportunity exists for small groups to be involved in a a quiz, perhaps with a teaching assistant, away from the main classroom, and hence the IWB.

Go to HTML5 iPad and tablet compatible learning resource.

HTML5 works well on iPads but can be very sluggish on some computers/browsers.

The Flash based version can be found here if this one does not work well on your computer.

Some interesting ideas for its use can be found in the comments there.

Comments and bugs can be left below.