IWB resource number beads

In the UK reviews somebody suggested that it would be useful if the beads increase from 20 to 50 or 100.  The reason that they were fixed at 20 was that that was the most that could be usefully fitted on screen at once.  However by allowing them to scroll 20 can still be on screen but more flexibility is given.  Scroll the beads by moving the blue bar at the bottom.

The beads can be coloured into odds and evens or groups of 5 using the appropriate buttons at the top.

The top row of beads start blank but show a number when tapped.  The bottom row of beads start with the numbers showing. When they are tapped they bounce to mark the position.

The rows can be made to hide by tapping the ‘x’  button next to each one.

A guide for adding and subtraction 10s can also be toggled on or off.

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