IWB Clock


This new IWB resource is an update of one of the most used resources on this site. The spinnable IWB clock.  Things that were liked about this resource were its rotate the bevel to show the time advancing, giving it a spin to pick a random time and uncluttered display.  Things that were not liked were how the hands advanced past midday and the lack of assistance graphics.  Hopefully all of these have been put right.

The clock is still controlled by the bevel.  One full rotation equates to one full hour.  In addition the clock can be toggled between locking to 5 minute intervals or not vie the button with a 5 on it. If this is active the minutes can be toggled to be shown at the end of the minute hand.  Minutes can also be toggled to display on the clock face as can the coloured segmented display.

Go to clock  IWB resource.


Teaching clock app iwb
Go to Clock IWB resource.