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An Interactive Whiteboard Resource to allow quick spelling based games.  Similar to the puzzles found in many newspapers a nine letter word has each of its letters randomly put into each circle.  If you follow the rules of the newspaper variants the challenge is to make as many words of 4+ letters as you can always using the centre letter.  You can come up with your own scoring method but one method is to give 1 point for a 4 letter word, 2 for 5 letters etc.  If students find the nine letter word they get 10 points.  There is a built in 3 minute timer which slowly colours in red as the time elapses.  A buzzer marks time up.  Or you may prefer to not user a timer.

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Suggestions and bug reports welcome in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Flash Word Circle

  1. I’d like to use this activity however the letters in the circle have lost their interactivity ability. The NEW and SOLVE buttons work but nothing happens when I hold the cursor or IWB pen over the letters in the circle.

  2. The letters have never been interactive. It is really just a way of a setting a quick whole class puzzle on the IWB. It isn’t designed to be solved within the program. There is a timer if you wish to use it and ‘solve’ button to show what the nine letter word is but I envisaged the class working on paper or mini whiteboards with this.

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