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This interactive whiteboard resource is intended to allow students at the interactive whiteboard to demonstrate their ability to compare numbers to varying decimal places.  It also allows practise at remembering which sign is which between the < and > signs.  After pressing start various decimal numbers will appear the student must then write a > or < on the large blue square.  The software will then recognise which of the 2 signs has been drawn and award a point for a correct answer and remove one for an incorrect answer.  As the IWB resource analyses a drawn sign rather than a button press this resource is much more natural to use with an IWB rather than a mouse and screen.  It is hoped that the drawing of the signs will be more effective in reinforcing knowledge that pressing buttons with the signs on them.

 The character recognition on this resource is not working too hard to distinguish between only 2 signs so it is quite forgiving.  It is up to the teacher to set rules on correctly formed signs.

Please comment on how you have found this resource and report any errors.  Note on the picture it looks like an answer has been marked incorrectly.  The “correct” is for the previous question and is fading out!

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12 thoughts on “Flash Decimal Comparison

  1. This is great. My 6th grade math students love it. Is there any way it could be modified to use different non-decimal numbers and fractions? Or would you be willing to share the .fla file?

  2. It is difficult for me to complete an answer and trigger a screen capture to get the screenshot quickly enough, and as mentioned at the end of the instructions, the correct sign is fading out from the previous question. The example shown will trigger a “wrong” response.

  3. Sorry I don’t have anything like that nor can I think of a resource by anybody else for that. Its a good idea for a gap in the market though!

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