IWB ResourceA selection of interactive whiteboard spelling activities based on this IWB Resource put on the site last year.  Following comment from users there are now 2 new types of word s work with and a clear button for correcting errors.

 This resource is to be played at the IWB by students.  A common letter combination is shown at the top of the screen and the student is challenged to make the longest word they can from the variety of letters shown on the given tiles. Non-scoring words such as those that do not contain the given vowels or are incorrect will result in points being taken away.  A four letter word will score 1, a five letter word 2, 6 letters will score 3 and  more than 6 will score 5.  Each game is timed with the time available  be set by the teacher.  There will always be at least a 4 letter word that is possible for each selection.

Double consonants IWB Resource

Oe, oa, oi, etc IWB Resource

Random vowel blends IWB Resource

Further comments on this resource and your use of it welcomed.

4 thoughts on “Flash IWB Spelling Activities

  1. I have used this on many occasions as a warm up or a plenary and found it fab. Thanks

  2. This looks great. I have been looking for something to use with my high school literacy group. Thanks.

  3. I thought it was good and useful but would prefer there to be more time allowed for the children to explore ideas. Thanks for the resource though.

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