Aesop IWB ResourceA different Interactive Whiteboard resource to usual.  This one is similar to the alphabet books published on this site last year.  The text and pictures come from a book now in the public domain due to its age.  They’ve been put into an interactive book for class reading.  The morals for each fable are hidden by a label –  clicking it will remove the label.

To accompany this IWB resource is a printable version of the stories.  There is also a sheet that contains the morals.  This can be used as a class exercise where the students read the fables and match the most appropriate moral to it.


Click and drag the pages to turn them.  Please report any errors or typos in the comments section.


Go to interactive whiteboard resource.

Get printable resource.

11 thoughts on “Flash Aesop’s Fables

  1. I used this resource with my fourth grade class. The students really got involved with the stories and their morals. The lesson covered several fourth grade GLE’s.
    Thank you!

  2. This was a hit on our SmartBoard! I have a Gr.3/4 and they were so excited to come up and turn the pages. The stories were short and we read all of them quickly. I printed off the morals and had them try to match them to the story. Then I asked them to write their own. Wonderful resource! Thank you.

  3. I am teaching English in a billingual school in Buenos Aires, Argentina and used your great resources for my Year 5 class as part of their Oral lesson. They loved it and have picked up some fantastic verbs and vocabulary as a result. Thank you!

  4. Great resources, but…there is a mistake in the printable pages. The story of the Peacock and the Crane is mistitled “The Farmer and the Stork”. Thought you’d like to fix it.

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