There is now a new version of this resource available here.
Two interactive whiteboard resources for teaching the time using an analogue clock.  While there are a number of IWB clocks available on the internet this one is an attempt to create a more useful method to set the clock in class question and answer sessions.  As well as the facility to move the hands of the clock found on other resources the outer red rim can be dragged to rotate and this allows much quicker selection of a new time.

As an additional function the outer red wheel can be freely spun by pulling quickly and releasing and this will spin the hands of the clock to a random time.  This function will be easier on an interactive whiteboard than with using a mouse.

For updated tablet compatible clock go to Interactive whiteboard clock.

18 thoughts on “Flash Interactive Whiteboard Clock

  1. Love this clock. I will be forwarding this link to the Special Ed teachers tomorrow – they’ll love it too! Thanks!

  2. I love this clock too. Could it have an optional digital clock readout for comparison, that could be used for older grades?

  3. to go with the digital clock on your to do list-
    I need to teach about the 24-hour clock, so a sun/moon or some other a.m./p.m. thing built in would be good.

  4. It is good the way it is. If you wanted to improve it to teach kids how to tell the time, you could colour one side another colour and write past and to on the clock itself.
    Also on an outside circumference you could have 5 -25 on the past and 5 to 25 on the to.
    I’m going to set up what you have and do that on the whiteboard by hand to help the kids who are having trouble. Love the way you can get a random spin!!

  5. I also love this clock… I’ve used it for children to give me the time in 24hour clock… what time will it be in 25mins time… If a film starts at the time showing what time will I get out the cinema… the list is endless….

  6. Sorry the site can only support its future continuity if resources are available on line only.

  7. I love that the hour hand moves with the minute hand… but, when you get back up to the 12, the hour hand goes back to that previous hour… anyway it could keep moving forward to the next hour??

  8. Excellent!! Just what I was looking for to ilustrate my presentations about songs that include an specific hour. Thank you thank you thank you!! By the way… I was ilustrating the song “Last train to London” Thank you

  9. Fab clocks – I love them, and so do the kids!
    Any chance of developng a digital clock to be displayed alongside the analogue one?
    My kids struggle with writing digital times e.g. 20 mins to 5, which is 4.40 in digital – no numbers the same at all! Would be good for them to see it side by side.
    Many thanks

  10. This is a great idea and a useful tool. The biggest problem I see, and one that makes a HUGE difference with my students with special needs is that when we get the minute hand around and back up to the 12, the hour hand goes back to the previous hour…. Will you be fixing that?

  11. Hi this is an interactive game of the red clock
    Thank’s to who has do this website Thank’s I can Learn more from it

    Thank’s so Much
    Best regards
    cheryl said

  12. Thank you! I just used this for teaching languages to adults – so much better than my old plastic clock. Now everyone can see it and it is much more practical.

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