An interactive whiteboard resource to assist in teaching common multiples using a Venn diagram.  Select which two numbers you wish to generate multiples for.  Either you or the students can drag the tiles on to the diagram.  The tiles will glow red if they are in the wrong place and green if they are in the correct place

The resource should give you easy flexibility as you can choose which groups of multiples to work with with during the lesson.  This means you can tailor the activity to suit the students as you go without having to pre-plan for each eventuality.

Interactive Whiteboard Resource

You may find this supporting resource on finding the Lowest Common Multiple useful:

Finding LCM  Interactive Whiteboard Resource.

10 thoughts on “Flash Venn Multiples

  1. I just finished teaching LCM – which is where I found myself wishing I could generate the multiples on the fly when I ran out of preprepared examples. Oh well, it is ready for me next year!

  2. i thought it was great fun did several differant ones. one of the best ever homeworks

  3. Thought these were great fun and fab way to learn. also told me when I was right or wrong.

  4. I am glad you both enjoyed this and learned from it.

    It was very nice of you to let me know.


  5. What a fabulous rsource this is going to amaze my pupils and teaching staff and i am only a trainee

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